Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript

Case Notebook portable e-Transcript

Opening transcripts from the iPhone or iPad

Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript can import, view, and add notes to E-Transcript PTX files. You can open a transcript from:

  • An e-mail
  • Dropbox or other Web-based applications allowing you to click a file and download it (for example, Google Drive,, or Microsoft SkyDrive)
  • iTunes
  • LiveNote Central A2B

Note: The first version of Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript does not import annotations.

Finding a transcript

To view the list of available transcripts:

  1. Touch the Transcripts button in the upper left corner of Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript. A list of transcripts is displayed in descending order by date.
  2. Touch the listing of the transcript you want to view and annotate.

Navigating within a transcript

Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript supports vertical and horizontal display.

To browse pages of the transcript:

  • Drag a finger or pointer up or down on the touch screen
  • Tap the page number and type a number to navigate to a specific page

Searching and using the Word Index

A searchable Word Index is available for each transcript in Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript. Left and right navigation arrows are available in the application to move among multiple hits for the word.

To search using the word index:

  • Touch the Magnifying Glass button in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Browse the list of words in the transcript by dragging a finger or pointer up or down on the list
  • Touch a letter to navigate to the top of the listed words, beginning with the selected letter
  • Touch the text box at the top of the Word Index list and type the letters of a specific word you seek
  • Touch the listed word to view the Page and Line number of appearances and additional context around the given hit
  • Touch the listed hit to navigate to the reference within the full text of the transcript

Selecting content

Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript follows standard conventions for selecting content with a mobile device.

  • Press a term for approximately one second. A magnifying glass appears over the term
  • Move the magnifier to magnify other terms
  • Let go to select a term. Blue handles appear at the beginning and end of the selection. Copy, Note, and Highlight options are displayed above the selection
  • To increase your selection, drag the selection handles left or right
  • To copy, add a note, or highlight the selection, tap the appropriate option. For example, touch Note to type a note and associate it with the selection. 

Finding notes & highlights

To view the list of Notes & Highlights available in a transcript, touch the Open Book button. A list of highlighted pages and line passages is displayed. The first several highlighted words are displayed for context. If note text is associated with the highlight, text is displayed below the highlight.

Touch a listing to navigate to the note and/or highlight reference within the full text of the transcript.

Editing notes & highlights

Case Notebook Portable E-Transcript offers the option to edit and/or highlight the note when navigating directly to the passage. Within the full text of the transcript, two quick taps on a highlighted passage also opens the edit note and/or highlight function.

Sharing content

After adding notes to a transcript, you can share it with Case Notebook customers. You can share transcripts with or without notes. Sharing with notes sends an E-Transcript XML file to recipients. Sharing without notes sends an E-Transcript PTX file.