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This page contains useful technical details and service information to help you get the most out of Contract Express. 

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  • Thomson Reuters provide a range of options for how the Contract Express solution can be deployed, the below provides an overview of the three main types of deployment that can be used to support the system. Different options require different types of licenses, please talk to your account manager for more information on the different license types available.

    Deployment overview

    On-Premise – This refers to where you take control of the hosting. This may be on your own internal servers, or through a hosting provider of your choice. This option gives you the most control and configurability over the environments, however will require internal maintenance. 

    • Main Pro – Complete control over the installation and set up
    • Main Con – Requires you to maintain your own infrastructure and environment

    Multi-Tenant – This option is where you use our multi-tenant cloud. You will have your own discrete area that completely segregates your users and data, however the infrastructure and instance is shared with other clients. This is the simplest way to get up and running and always keep up with the latest version of Contract Express.

    • Main Pro – The quickest way to get set up on Contract Express with low cost
    • Main Con – Limited in flexibility – standard web address, upgrade schedule and authentication

    Private Hosting – This option provides you with a standalone hosted instance of Contract Express that only contains your users and data. Environments are configured with three environments, a main production environment, a development environment (for testing upgrades, customizations and templates), and an actively replicated disaster recovery environment to minimize data loss and downtime in disaster events.

    • Main Pro – The most flexible option allowing for different customizations and managing your own upgrade schedule
    • Main Con – An additional hosting cost is applied for the service

    Hosting Provider – Thomson Reuters uses Microsoft Azure for hosting Contract Express instances. This is a highly resilient and available provider that supports the needs of the instance for performance and high availability. For more information on this, see the Contract Express Azure Security Summary.


    Deployment Features
    Feature On Premise Multi-tenant Private Hosting
    Upgrades Customer Controlled1  Automatically upgraded to latest release Upgrades to major versions as a part of the service at agreed times with customer
    Availability Customer Controlled  99.9%  99.9%
    Environments Available  Customer Controlled  Production  Production, Development, Disaster Recovery
    Data Centre Security Customer Controlled  ISO27001:2013 Certified  ISO27001:2013 Certified
    Encryption Customer Controlled  At rest and in transit  At rest and in transit
    Disaster Recovery2 Customer Controlled  Yes  Yes
    Backups3 Customer Controlled  14 days  14 days
    Server Specs  Customer Controlled  Scaled to user number Scaled to user number
    Server Maintenance  Customer Controlled  Included  Included
    Authentication Customer Controlled  Forms Based Authentication Forms Based, SSO, Mixed Mode Authentication4
    Monitoring  Customer Controlled  Uptime and Speed  Uptime and Speed
    Log In Page Customization Customer Controlled  Not Available  Available
    Integration  Customer Controlled  Available  Available
    URL Options Customer Controlled  Not Available  yourchoice.contractexpress.com
    Practical Law Templates5 Requires web accessible servers Available Available
  • The solution is available on premise, or on the cloud as a privately hosted or multi-tenant solution.

  • Contract Express is available as a standalone server application, or deployed as Contract Express for Salesforce.

  • If Thomson Reuters is managing the hosting, our primary hosting provider is Azure. The client can use other hosting providers if not looking to take advantage of a TR managed subscription.

  • There is out of the box availability to draw data from SharePoint lists, SQL tables and OData sources.

  • Contract Express has a rich and well documented API based upon the modern REST standard. This allows for the client to develop integrations with a wide variety of enterprise software.

  • Questionnaires can be run on any supported browser on any platform however to create content a Windows PC running Office 2007 or later is required.


  • The site buttons are in English, however the questionnaires and documents may be in any language supported by Word. The system uses 'Locales' to provide deeper support for certain languages. The locales supported are - English UK, English US, French, French Canadian, Dutch, Danish. If a locale is supported, then when a user enters a number in digits, or a date, then the system can translate and put into documents the full written form in that language.

  • Though Templates must start as .docx files, documents can be generated as .dox, .rtf, .docx or .pdf.

  • Yes, the interface offers sharing capabilities with individual users or groups to collaborate on documents.

  • Yes, if your license and set up enables this, the system supports inviting people to complete a questionnaire via email.

  • Yes, the system supports multiple workflows being generated. These can be set to always trigger, or only when certain questionnaire criteria are met. If using forms based authentication, email notifications may be sent out to relevant parties. Several workflows can be set on a single questionnaire to run either at once or in sequence.

  • Currently the system integrates with DocuSign and you may use your DocuSign license from the generated documents page (if your administrator has enabled this). We are working on introducing compatibility for other e-signature solutions in the future.

  • Yes, reports may be generated to show over the space of a month how many documents have been generated and by who. Would the documents produced on the system be accessible via our knowledge management system, or would they only sit within the system? By default they sit within the system only. It would be possible to develop an integration using our API.

  • The tool allows for a basic text search to help quickly find templates to use, and also gives filtering options for them to check through generated contracts. Search of content is not possible.