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Two-factor authentication for Public Records

Thomson Reuters is committed to ensuring that your access to Public Records and other sensitive data is safe and secure. That’s why we’re requiring users to implement two-factor authentication.

Two factor authentication is a type of two-step verification that provides a stronger, more robust level of security for users with access to Thomson Reuters public records products.

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Take a few minutes to further safeguard the security of your account.

All authentication options provide the option to trust the device for easy access for 6 months. You can authenticate using:

Thomson Reuters authenticator or online authenticator

Voice call

Text message

Best practices

It is recommended to set up authentication options across at least two devices when securing your account to ensure seamless access even if one device is not available. For example, using the Thomson Reuters authenticator app for two factor authentication on a phone and a tablet. Even better, set up multiple options too, including text or voice code to multiple devices. View the CLEAR and/or Westlaw guides below for directions on setting-up.

The Thomson Reuters Authenticator App

The Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app makes it possible to add a powerful layer of security to protect the confidential data in your Thomson Reuters public records access.

The app enables you to secure your access via two-factor authentication – a process by which you verify your identity when you log in, either by approving a login request in the Authenticator app or by entering a unique numerical code provided by the app. The requirements for two-factor authentication are simply a smartphone or tablet and the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app.

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