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OnePass security information

Credentials, security questions, two-step authentication, and security codes

What are OnePass security guidelines?

Each OnePass username and password is unique to a user. It is highly recommended that you do not share your information with anyone else at your organization. Some products require two-step authentication, where a security code or question may be required to access products.

Compromised credentials

If your username and password are suspected or known to be compromised, our priority is to work with you to resecure your profile and protect your data. Next steps and more background information can be found in the Compromised Credentials - FAQS (PDF).

What is two-step authentication?

Two-step authentication is an optional, enhanced setting that keeps your profile secure by requiring a code in addition to your normal password at sign-in. This acts as an extra layer of security to ensure no one else is able to access your profile. Some products require two-step authentication due to secure content.

How do I receive the security code?

You can receive a security code via text message, automated phone call, email, or with a downloaded authenticator application.

Do I need to enter a security code each time I sign in?

No. You can skip two-step authentication on trusted devices, such as your home or personal computer. When you enter a security code at sign-in, select the Trust this device checkbox. This feature should not be used on public computers. To clear trusted devices, sign in to OnePass and navigate to Security and click on the Privacy tab.

How do I enable two-step authentication?

Sign in to OnePass

Navigate to Security

Click the toggle to enable two-step authentication

How can I change my security questions and answers?

Sign in to OnePass and navigate to the Security tab.



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