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AALL new product award

Huge recognition for Statutes Compare

Thomson Reuters is proud to be awarded the 2019 AALL New Product Award for Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare on Westlaw Edge. This award honors innovative products that improve the legal research process and have been in the marketplace for two years or less.

Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare allow legal researchers to instantly see how any two statutes or federal regulations have changed over time which is a huge time-saver when the historical context is needed. Statutes Compare launched in July of 2018 with the launch of Westlaw Edge, which also includes the next generation of legal search, integrated litigation analytics, the most powerful citator, and more. Given the initial positive customer feedback, Regulations Compare for CFR followed in October.

“It’s really fun to show Statutes Compare to customers. As soon as they see it, they recognize the efficiency and value it will bring to their legal research. Then they usually ask if anything is available for federal regulations which is where Regulations Compare comes into play,” says Becky Aanning of Westlaw Product Development. “Given the positive feedback from customers, we know we have achieved our goal of helping legal researchers to confidently complete their work faster.”

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For any statute or federal regulation with versions, quickly see what changes have been made since the prior version – or compare any two versions.

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