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    Forum: How to get value from data analytics

    There are several goals that are common among professional service organizations, and there may not be a better way to achieve them than data analytics.

    Forum: The changing role of in-house legal operations and procurement professionals

    Legal service delivery & the roles supporting in-house & outside legal teams have assumed greater importance in meeting today's challenges & opportunities.

    Forum: The critical role of managers and allies in the legal profession

    In the corporate world, managers of diverse employees have significant influence over their employees’ success and development of those critical employees.

    Forum: A seat at the table — Why a Singapore law firm decided to make a nonlawyer an equity partner

    We see why Singapore’s Oon & Bazul, a midsize law firm, decided to take the unprecedented move recently of making a nonlawyer an equity partner at the firm.


    Show Your Value to the Business by Managing Outside Counsel Spend

    Managing outside counsel spend enhances your law department’s credibility with the business, making you a less likely target for budget slashing.


    Proving the Value of the Law Department Goes Beyond the Numbers

    A law department’s value is both quantitative and qualitative. It takes the right mix of each to adequately convey that value to company leaders.


    How to Select a Social Media Influencer for Your Campaign

    Selecting the right social media influencer can make the difference between an excellent marketing campaign and a mediocre one.


    Indemnification Clauses in Commercial Contracts

    Indemnification clauses appear in nearly all commercial agreements. They are an essential risk allocation tool between the parties and are one of the most commonly negotiated provisions in a contract.


    Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

    Purchasing and selling commercial real estate is often a complex and lengthy process. Although most commercial real estate transactions follow the same workflow, every transaction has its own nuances.


    Social Media Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Establishing an Internal Endorsement Policy

    Using social media influencers in a marketing campaign can be very effective. However, you first must establish a social media endorsement policy.