How to HighQ: Best practices for active litigation

Careful organization is essential to litigation. From day one, the piles of notes, documents, and contracts can stack up in Bankers Boxes. Calendars fill with due dates, hearings, conferences, and other appointments. Multiple team members and colleagues may be tapped at any point of the process.

Keeping track of all of this work and team effort is essential to your business. Doing it well is the hallmark of an exceptional litigation team.

HighQ can make it all easier. With custom workflows, shared calendars, document automation, and other features, HighQ provides the solutions your team needs, all in one platform. Combining the best practices you follow for complex litigation with the power of HighQ can simplify litigation management.

Preparing for every stage of litigation

Even though most cases settle outside of court, you know that thorough trial prep is essential. And you know the steps you need to take to meet deadlines and keep a case on budget.

With HighQ, you can create customized workflows for your team, outlining all of the stages of your firm's process with supporting documents and notes for each task. This allows you to easily hand off work to colleagues and staff complete with due dates, status, priority, links, comments, and reminders.

You can also automate the repetitive tasks that need to happen with each case so as to avoid the errors that sometimes occur when manually transitioning work. And you can adjust your workflow at any time to meet the ongoing needs of your client and changes to your litigation strategy.

These agile and customizable tasks also provide you with a shared calendar for your team. This can give a quick view of important meetings, milestones, and deadlines to those on your team.

Constant communication and access

Every step within litigation involves communication. Litigation can easily fell forests with written documentation. With HighQ, you can securely and easily communicate with:

  • Clients: You can create a dedicated online hub in HighQ for your client so they can see the status of their case and review documents right alongside your team.
  • Colleagues: It takes just seconds to upload files to HighQ. Once in the tool, you can save versions of documents with comments and notes. So, everyone on the litigation team can have access to the information they need, when they need it.
  • Opposing counsel: Just as you can choose to share particular documents with your client, you can also share specific documents with opposing counsel during litigation. This can help streamline negotiations, discovery, and more. It takes only a few minutes to set up a site for someone outside your firm, and seconds to upload documents for them to review.

Communicating with everyone through this one solution means that you won't have to go digging in multiple places to find key documents and notes for your case. Your team can also access and sync files in HighQ across desktop and mobile devices, including saving work offline so you are never disconnected from the documents you need.

Providing top-notch security

Communication, workflows, and tailored views for people outside of your firm is only possible with top-of-the-line security. HighQ was designed specifically for the legal industry; we understand the necessity of confidentiality and security in litigation.

In HighQ, you control who sees every piece of the client's file. You can set user permissions at every level. You also have the ability to edit, monitor, and audit access of documents. The control is in your hands, and HighQ ensures that your work is protected and follows industry standards for security.

HighQ makes document management, automated workflows, and communication easy for your litigation team in one secure platform. Easy setup of dashboards, folders, and calendars can save you precious time and helps you stay on budget.

Moving legal processes forward with HighQ