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Improved Client Service Starts in the Law Library

At a law firm, client satisfaction depends upon success on many fronts. Your attorneys may finally win over a client when they achieve a positive outcome, but such moments are not possible without significant behind-the-scenes rigor and inspiration. Clients may not realize it, but their most pivotal victories are often won early on thanks to the front-end work by the firm’s librarian.

The benefits of elite research technology

In today’s competitive legal market, a firm’s success is dependent upon its research capabilities. An innovative law library can give a firm the advantage it needs to prevail over the competition.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge™ is designed to position law firms at the forefront of legal research, maximizing the capabilities of librarians, attorneys and other professionals.

With advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning powered by more than 100 years of editorial expertise, Westlaw Edge can improve your firm’s client service by helping you:

  • Seize opportunities: A legal matter can hinge upon a single development in case law or a recent revision to an obscure statute. These priceless nuggets are uncovered in the law library. Westlaw Edge provides access to a comprehensive and constantly updated legal database, ensuring your searches are covering fertile ground and not turning up obsolete information.
  • Reduce inefficiency: Redundancies, backtracking and chasing down false leads are time sinks that negatively impact client satisfaction. Westlaw Edge can reduce or eliminate these inefficiencies by quickly guiding you to the most relevant information and streamlining your searches. WestSearch® Plus queries provide information on thousands of legal topics, answering questions in simple declarative sentences rather than making you pour over a lengthy results list.
  • Enhance ease of use: Librarians are often responsible for implementing new solutions across the firm. Westlaw Edge is easy to learn and teach. The streamlined and intuitive interface reduces inefficiency and increases accuracy for anyone tasked with doing research, thus delivering more efficient results to law firm clients.

Your unique skillset, enhanced

Like any tool, AI is only useful in the hands of a skilled practitioner. Westlaw Edge was designed with a deep understanding of the law firm librarian’s profession. We listened, learned, and built a tool fine-tuned to the tasks and demands librarians face every day.

Our advanced AI narrows down, rules out, pinpoints—thinks, so your expertise is not wasted on tasks a machine can perform at lightning speeds.

As the law librarian, everyone at the firm looks to you as the subject matter expert for legal research. Westlaw Edge is designed to enhance your talents and professional instincts, amplifying your contributions to a positive client experience.

Learn more about Westlaw Edge and how you can help your firm maintain its competitive advantage.

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