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Introducing Precedent Analytics

Explore this new feature, fully integrated with Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge

Unlock judicial information like never before with Precedent Analytics

How many billable hours have you spent analyzing judicial language to find out if a judge is familiar with your issue? What cases did they rely on for your issue and how often? What are the outliers? How likely are they to cite another judge from a different jurisdiction? Without this information, you are likely left wondering if your research is really comprehensive – and frankly, putting your case at risk.

Imagine having all this judicial information – and fast – even before you started drafting. Now you can with a simple search for your judge using Precedent Analytics on Westlaw Edge.

  • Understand your judge’s citation patterns
  • Determine your drafting strategy
  • Double-check your work to ensure you haven’t missed any judicial insight

Customize the analysis to be highly relevant for your case

Enter your judge’s name within Litigation Analytics, then select the Precedent tab. From there, you can filter by Key Number, Judge, Court, Reported Status, and Date to quickly get to the most relevant information.

Harness the power of the Key Number System to quickly narrow in on a topic, so you can easily find what citations, other judges, and jurisdictions your particular judge relies upon when drafting their opinions. Plus, create a custom “search within” to find what you need across the opinions and cited cases. Only Precedent Analytics gives you this granular level of specificity and search capability to tailor the data for your issue.

Become an expert on your judge

  • Confidently go before a judge with an understanding of what other judges and cases they rely on heavily, and what the judge already knows about a narrow topic
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the judge you’re researching with analysis derived from editorially created content that allows filtering by topical Key Number, judge, or court
  • Go beyond standard judicial research and quickly determine outliers, acceptances within the industry, and landmark cases
  • Compare how often your judge cites a particular case to how often the case is cited nationally

Seamless research experience

Quickly surface data-driven insights on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types with Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge to gain visibility into judicial tendencies, time to rule, motion strategy, and more. Now with fully integrated Precedent Analytics, you can also tap into case precedent for your particular judge. Westlaw Edge is the only solution to deliver a truly integrated, data-driven legal research experience.

Want to try out Precedent Analytics, but don’t have access to Westlaw Edge?