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Introducing Quick Check on Westlaw Edge 

Have you found all the relevant authority? Are there better cases out there? You need to be confident that your research is complete and that you are relying on the best cases for your argument.

Simply upload your brief or motion, and Quick Check will suggest highly relevant authority and ensure you haven’t missed anything important. Whether you are just getting started with an early draft of your document, reviewing your final work before filing, or analyzing your opponent’s brief, Quick Check can help by providing targeted, relevant results. This will give you confidence, knowing that you’ve left no stone unturned.

Discover a new level of confidence

  • Get peace of mind that your research is thorough
  • Know you cited the most relevant authority and accurate law
  • Find weaknesses in your opponent’s brief
  • Deliver the best work product possible for your clients

Check your work

In just minutes, Quick Check securely analyzes your motions and briefs to show you relevant authority that traditional research may have missed. Quick Check combs through the text, citations, and structure of your document to detect the legal issues discussed and then recommends highly relevant authority that you haven’t already cited. It also identifies secondary sources and other related briefs and memoranda relevant to the issues in your uploaded document.

To ensure that you quickly find recommendations that are helpful to you, Quick Check provides a suite of tools to assist in reviewing your report. Within the report, you will see valuable information about a case recommendation including outcome, relevant portion, and related cases already cited in your document. You will also see when a case recommendation is from a high court, is frequently cited, or is from the last two years. Plus, Quick Check is fully integrated with KeyCite so you can quickly verify that the cases you cite are still good law.

Analyze an opponent’s work

What if you could easily discover weaknesses in an opponent’s brief? In addition to checking your work, Quick Check provides you with the ability to analyze your opponent’s document to identify potential grounds for a reply or counterargument. Upload your opponent’s document, and Quick Check will provide you with KeyCite information for their citations, a list of their cited authority, and relevant cases that your opponent left out. With the simplicity and speed of Quick Check, an essential part of your workflow just got easier.

Take the next step

Whether it’s checking your brief or an opponent’s, Quick Check delivers highly relevant authority traditional research may have missed. Feel more confident before submitting your next brief by signing up for a Westlaw Edge trial today.

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