Litigation case analysis technology that streamlines organization and collaboration

Thomson Reuters Case Notebook is case analysis and management technology that provides a centralized location to collaborate and strategize on the comprehensive story of each case.

A recent survey was conducted among Case Notebook users. The sample group included both attorneys and paralegals focusing on litigation work.

Each individual was polled on tasks that involved organizing, analyzing, and sharing information on cases. The survey asked respondents to compare time spent on typical litigation tasks before and after Case Notebook. It also inquired about agreement or disagreement regarding the intended advantages of the technology.

Survey findings

The findings were substantially favorable! Survey participants acknowledged that cases are more document intensive and Case Notebook helps alleviate this pressure. Users called out efficiency, integration, strategy, collaboration, and organization as key advantages of using Case Notebook.

The following is an in-depth discussion of the features and benefits of Case Notebook that supports the findings of the efficiency study.


Litigation work is naturally a paper-heavy process; each new case brings more case documents than the last. Case Notebook is changing that by giving you access to an electronic case notebook filled with essential case data. Access critical case information when you need it most. Keep important details top of mind and easily switch between cases to provide faster, more thorough responses for your clients.

Case Notebook’s key features help you be more efficient in your litigation work.

Customized organization structure

Create groups of data and organize folders in a way most convenient and logical for your office.


Customize searches for specific terms/documents because documents are OCRed and searchable.


Run reports to instantly view instances of an issue, character, or key fact in your case with the ability to restrict to specific types of data/files.


Building a strong case means having the right strategy. Having the right strategy means making the right connections among all the key facts and issues in your case. Finding key facts and issues means sifting through large amounts of information. Case Notebook is helping you do just that by providing a platform for all your case documents. See a more clear direction for the facts and issues to map out the comprehensive and understandable story of your case.

Case Notebook’s key features provide greater organization of case documents to help shape the strategy of your case.

Electronic highlights and notes

Tie notes and highlighting to specific issues in a case to start building a case direction.

Key Facts

See a bird’s-eye view of the most important facts, issues, and evidence in your case, as well as the documents they reside in.


Create outlines for depositions and trial to strategize on a line of questioning.

Time and cost benefit

Users who adopted Case Notebook saw 35%-84% reduction in time to complete a litigation task. Take a look at how Case Notebook helps increase your productivity by streamlining your litigation work.

Percentages indicated below show the reduction in time to complete each task.


With the growing amount of documents in a given case, it’s critical for you to have synergy across your information, your tools, and your team. Case Notebook helps keep everything and everyone on the same page, to reduce the risk of losing information.

Here’s what users are saying about Case Notebook’s key features that help create synergy across their entire litigation process.

The survey confirmed high levels of satisfaction and loyalty

Many users rely on Case Notebook on a weekly basis to:

  • Locate specific documents
  • Prepare for and conduct depositions
  • Review the key facts in their cases
  • Pull together all information for a particular issue

Attorneys and paralegals agree, Case Notebook adds value to their practice!

Efficiency. Strategy. The answer is Case Notebook.

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