ProView Courtroom Access

3 Reasons Litigators Are Using ProView eBooks
Courtrooms are changing. It was once common for judges to disallow mobile devices. But the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, as well as legal professionals’ increasing reliance on technology for their jobs, means that even the slowly-changing legal profession has been coming around to mobile use in court.

Between the evolving environment and the often on-the-go lifestyle of a litigator, mobile means of conducting legal research offer attractive benefits. Not just any eBook app or eReader will do, however. Litigators have unique workflow needs. The way legal research is conducted and the places litigators find themselves mean that standard eReaders often don’t have the kind of functionality that trial lawyers need.

This is why Thomson Reuters developed the ProView® eReader platform. Designed with legal research workflow in mind. Whether you’ve tried other types of legal eBooks and found they didn’t work for you, or you’ve avoided legal eBooks altogether, read on to learn three reasons even once-skeptical litigators are using ProView eBooks in court and on the go.

1. Never be without your notes.
Ever had this happen? You’ve painstakingly annotated your law books for an important case, only to discover that one of those books is still sitting on your desk at the office when you get to court.

If you’re using traditional books and court’s about to start, you’re out of luck and left to hoping that you don’t need the forgotten volume. But if you had been using ProView, all you would have needed to remember when you packed up for court was your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With ProView, all your eBooks are available in one place, plus, notes and highlights can be synced across up to four devices. So, if you make notes on your desktop at the office, they’ll be available on your portable devices wherever you go.

2. Even with no WIFI, you can.
Litigators must take their work with them all sorts of places, including ones where WIFI is unreliable or nonexistent. Courtrooms with spotty service, jailhouse basements with none at all, and those times you’re working last-minute in the cab or on the train all may cause you to be hesitant to rely on web-based research platforms.

With ProView eBooks, lack of connectivity doesn’t need to get in your way. You can make and view your content and annotations even when you aren’t online.

3. Didn’t already note it? Just search for it.
Can you run Boolean searches in your textbooks? Probably not. Chances are that if you don’t know exactly where to find what you’re looking for in a particular text, you’re left to manually combing through the index and the pages of your book - maybe even several of them - until you find the clause or commentary you need. But if you’re utilizing ProView eBooks, you can quickly search for the relevant terms within a single eBook or across your entire eLibrary all at once. You can even save and reuse your search queries. No more digging through your stack of books while in court, or wasting precious research time in the office.