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The law librarian’s guide to legal research technology investments 

As the people responsible for curating the right research tools for their firms, law librarians have a strong voice in discussions concerning legal tech investments. Librarians are also often tasked with proving the ROI after new solutions have been implemented.

The good news for librarians who get buy-in for advanced research technologies such as Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge™ is that the benefits tend to surface quickly. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Westlaw Edge helps law firms work faster and smarter, benefiting individual users and the firm as a whole.

Thomson Reuters WestSearch® Plus, a key feature of Westlaw Edge, provides answers on thousands of legal topics, quickly addressing user queries in plain, declarative sentences. Smart and intuitive, WestSearch Plus offers type-ahead suggestions and narrowing options that allow users to pinpoint their searches to a strictly defined set of parameters.

The result is a fast, intuitive search, a benefit that streamlines workflow within the firm and translates directly to increased productivity and enhanced client satisfaction. When your attorneys quickly obtain answers, they can get back to clients faster. When key tasks such as legal research are performed faster, clients get better service, making them happier while cutting down on costly write-offs and write-downs.

Thomson Reuters Westlaw® Litigation Analytics is another powerful feature that harnesses the power of advanced AI to help attorneys build stronger cases. Litigation Analytics allows users to uncover relevant insights and trends on judges, attorneys, courts and case types across thousands of legal topics.

With faster results and better case preparation, these features not only save time, but also provide invaluable insight.

Law firm librarians are often tasked with implementing new technology at their firms. With its intuitive interface and search features, Westlaw Edge is easy to teach and learn. However, not everyone is comfortable with technological change. If you have any difficulty turning your colleagues onto the new features, here are a few tips you may find useful:

  • Tell them how easy it is: New technology can be intimidating, but Westlaw Edge is easy to use. There is no steep learning curve. The user interface is not dramatically different from previous Westlaw versions and, in fact, it is cleaner and smoother. You will not need new registration keys. All files and folders will automatically transfer over from previous versions.
  • Highlight quick wins: When the benefits of upgrading to an AI-powered research solution become apparent, don’t hesitate to share the news with colleagues and key stakeholders. When word of a useful new tool gets around, people are generally eager to learn more and start using it.
  • Explain what motivated the change: People are more willing to venture out of their comfort zones when they understand the rationale behind a change. Once you explain why the new solution is better than the old one, and how it will benefit individual attorneys and the firm, you should find your colleagues more willing to get on board.
  • Tailor your approach: Some people are simply more comfortable with new technology than others. Ascertain the comfort level of the various users at your firm so you can frame the learning process in a unique and useful light for each person. 

Learn more about Westlaw Edge and how you can help your firm harness the power of advanced AI.

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