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Improving productivity through internal collaboration and file sharing

Leading Danish law firm Bech-Bruun selected HighQ as its deal room platform to allow the firm and its associates, lawyers, partners and consultants to share information quickly and securely. The platform is cloud-based, which means each authorized user has access to the latest version of documents so that team members in different locations and time zones can easily collaborate on projects and deals with ease. 

Stefan Winquist, head of IT at Bech-Bruun, explains the benefits the firm now enjoys after implementing HighQ’s platform. 

The challenge: Sharing critical information quickly and securely

Bech-Bruun considered various potential systems before deciding to outsource the entire service to HighQ.

Winquist explains, “We looked at all the options available in the marketplace. In addition to an initial trial, we established workgroups across the organization to work with HighQ and enhance the solution. The result was a client deal room application that is now used across the organization.”

The solution: A cloud-based enterprise deal room platform

HighQ’s deal room solution has become invaluable to Bech-Bruun.

Winquist comments, “We have noticed big time savings with the deal room solution. Everything happens instantaneously—project set up, user and group creation and access, bulk document uploads and downloads and email alerts. HighQ’s deal room solution has become an essential part of our daily work.”

The result: Improved efficiency, time savings, security and client satisfaction

The benefits of HighQ’s deal room solution are threefold—time savings, enhanced security and accurate reporting. 

Winquist explains the benefits in more detail. “Because every stage in the project set up process is now performed instantly, our fee earners save time on administration work. The time savings also benefit our clients— a reduction in delays automatically improves customer satisfaction, as they perceive us as providing a more efficient service.” 

“Equally important is the enhanced security, with advanced features such as secure bidder management and digital rights management on documents, we can now control access to sensitive documents, even when they are outside of our corporate environment.” 

“Finally, we can check the actions of all users at any time, by viewing the audit trail and graphical reports within the system. This is particularly useful for management information, security audits and project reporting.” 

In conclusion, Winquist comments, “The initial set up and after sales service we have received from the team at HighQ has been exemplary. Any teething problems experienced have been dealt swiftly and professionally – we are delighted with the service provided.”

Moving legal processes forward with HighQ

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