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Case study


Easy to use client extranets and internal collaboration

Garrigues is the Iberian Peninsula’s leading legal and tax services firm in terms of billings. The firm was founded back in 1941 and, at present, their team is made up of more than 2,000 people and offers advice around the world on a whole range of business law-related matters.

Carmen Martín-Peña García, lawyer and knowledge manager at Garrigues and Marta Torres, manager of knowledge management department at the firm, speak about how HighQ has helped Garrigues provide more services to its clients and improve internal collaboration. Martín-Peña García is in charge of the external sites for Garrigues clients and Torres takes care of the internal sites. 

The challenge: Replacing existing client extranet

Garrigues had been using Worksite web interface to share documents with clients directly from the document management system; however the system did not contain the tools to allow the firm to provide the level of services that their clients needed and they wanted higher levels of security over documents.

Martín-Peña García explained that the legacy system let them share documents with clients but limited the services that the firm could provide: “Our clients demanded more but we couldn’t give it to them. We realized we needed a new system,” she said.

The solution: Client extranet and internal collaboration

The firm spent months looking for a new platform that would enable them to provide the services that their clients were continuously asking for. “We spent a long time researching different platforms and comparing them against each other. We chose HighQ because we found it offered the most: it had everything on one platform and felt the most secure. It is very flexible and allows us to use which modules we want to,” said Martín-Peña García.

HighQ hosting data centers all over the world was one of the reasons the firm chose Collaborate: “Being able to choose where our data resides was important to us as we could ensure we were complying with regulations that we had to meet,” said Martín-Peña García. 

The firm began by using HighQ purely as a client extranet but soon saw the benefits of using the system internally too: “We saw how efficient Collaborate was and how effective it made communications,” said Torres. “We therefore, decided to begin using it to promote knowledge sharing among our lawyers.”

The result: Happy clients and increased productivity

Garrigues has received excellent feedback from their clients who have found the system efficient and easy to use: “Lawyers and clients have been thanking us for the new system as it offers more possibilities than our previous system, it’s easy to use and provides a simple way to share information,” said Martín-Peña García.

The firm has set up more sites in two months than in the past year, using their worksite web interface and Martín-Peña García said that this was due to how easy the system is to use: “The sites are set up so quickly, and the system is so intuitive. The different functionalities and usability are being welcomed by internal and external users.”

Clients can share confidential information securely and Martín-Peña García described how confident they were about their documents being secure. She also pointed out how great it was being able to get reports to see how clients are using the system. Next, the firm plans to use the integrated data rooms that HighQ provides.

Torres agreed that internally, the feedback has been just as good, “Our people like it a lot and are really happy to use Collaborate. With our old system, all you could do was upload and download documents but now we can do so much more.” She explained that using HighQ internally saves the firm time and makes their work easier: “the sites are very easy-to-use and can be set up so quickly. Before people were reliant on email but it wasn’t good because things would get lost and it’s not always secure. Now, we have a place to collaborate and share files securely and the notifications are great because it means people don’t miss things.”

Conclusion: Confidence in available services

Overall Martín-Peña García and Torres say, HighQ has definitely enhanced the services Garrigues can provide its clients and has made the firm more productive: “HighQ is intuitive and easy to use, it saves time and offers flexibility,” said Martín-Peña García. “Every day we are finding new things we can do on Collaborate. HighQ are a great team who are very responsive and it is a pleasure working with them; we are excited for the release of Collaborate 4 and finding out about the new features it introduces.”

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