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Building a more transparent and trust-based client relationship

Martin Griffiths, IT development manager at Geldards, says the opportunities to visualize and share management information in HighQ have presented his firm with an opportunity to win over new clients.

The challenge: Multiple use cases for service improvement

Geldards is a law firm offering a wide range of services – from wills, medical negligence and family advice to wealth management, employment advice, tax, corporate, commercial, and compliance with information law such as the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The firm first turned to HighQ for one very specific piece of work within this mix, but the use cases have quickly multiplied in the years since, explains IT development manager Martin Griffiths. 

“We had tendered for a new client that stipulated it needed a document and case collaboration site for the work. The quickest way for us to provide that capability was through HighQ.

“We had built a bespoke extranet for a client ourselves once before, but it’s a tricky project to manage – there’s a lot of maintenance involved, and it also took us a long time with our internal resource.”

Today, Geldards has built several HighQ data rooms for M&A file sharing and collaboration, as well as project management sites for planning and tracking matter status and priorities more efficiently.

The solution: HighQ provides data about performance and value 

Indeed, the firm used HighQ to build a unique solution for its biggest client – although the offering doesn’t involve active document collaboration at all, says Griffiths. Instead, it provides the client with detailed insight into the work the firm is processing on its behalf.

“It’s simply displaying information for the client from our internal case management system,” says Griffiths. “However, creating that benefit is actually very dependent on HighQ’s data collection and management functionality (iSheets). I’ve been told that our iSheet is one of the biggest used by any HighQ client. 

“The home page of the site provides a chart of key performance statistics, for example, the number of new cases that have arrived in a particular month and the number that have been completed and closed. That feature has been especially well-received.

HighQ offers a range of data visualization capabilities, including presenting information from its task-assigning module and analysis produced by HighQ’s AI Hub. At the same time, HighQ collects data in iSheets, which can be transformed into animated graphs.

The result: Competitive advantage in client acquisition and retention
It’s important for Geldards to invest time and energy in what may give it an edge against competition for new business, explains Griffiths – merely bringing the efficiency advantage of a great extranet site is not enough, he says. 

“Today, you really need a differentiating factor to win against other firms. I know that others tendering for a client are likely to have HighQ too, so we need to wow them with the finer detail of exactly what we can do with it.” 

And his lawyers are encouraged by the opportunities as well. He says that project management sites are the ones currently seeing most traction internally. “They can use HighQ to monitor stages of the caseload cycle and track exactly when things need to be done by exporting iSheet views to the cloud.”

Meanwhile, the service the firm has itself received from HighQ has both impressed and improved over time, he says.

“We met a very tight deadline on our case dashboard implementation, and HighQ is helpful at both setting up and providing access to the developers. I’ve found their support, resolution times and first-line knowledge have also all improved over time.”

“I’m pleased to have been able to push the button on lots of different use cases at the firms. And now that we have teams on board with solutions—understanding what they can really achieve with it—there’s plenty of scope to do even more.”

Moving legal processes forward with HighQ

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