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Exploring the Art of the Possible with HighQ

How Slaughter and May uses HighQ

Meet Slaughter and May

Established in 1889, and now with around 900 lawyers in offices in London, Brussels, Beijing, and Hong Kong, international law firm Slaughter and May deploys an extensive legal tech toolkit to deliver efficiency and innovation. Its most widely used solution is Thomson Reuters HighQ—the modern, adaptable legal operations and business management software solution that simplifies legal processes. Having deployed HighQ for over a decade, primarily for file-sharing, in recent years the firm has started exploiting its broader capabilities to harness the project and matter management potential of HighQ and take its use to a higher level.

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Why Slaughter and May uses HighQ

Friction-free Collaboration
“The fact that you can collaborate with external parties in a seamless way: that's what's so powerful about HighQ. There's not all that hassle with versioning and permissions.”

– Emily Lew, Senior Knowledge and Innovation Manager

Enhanced Project/Matter Management
“Lawyers needn't just have the standard HighQ site to share files: they can actually do lots more useful stuff around project management and matter management in HighQ.”

– Kerry Stanley, Technical Product Owner

Q&A with Emily Lew, Senior Knowledge and Innovation Manager and Thomas Potter, Associate at Slaughter and May

What New Things Are You Doing with HighQ?

Emily Lew: “Beyond file-sharing, we embarked on a project to promote its capacity for project management by developing templated sites for three different matter types—M&A, litigation, and IPOs—using out-of-the-box functionality in HighQ in relevant combinations. When people see what it can do, they’re excited by its utility.”

Can You Give an Example of Where HighQ Has Been Especially Powerful?

Thomas Potter: “We used HighQ to support a large and highly complex demerger using the iSheets function to create and maintain an online transaction plan that integrated all the various stakeholder requirements and contained almost 1,000 steps. By using HighQ, the client and other parties involved could easily keep abreast of upcoming tasks and deadlines and, where appropriate, make changes to the plan simultaneously: a huge efficiency improvement.”

How Are Internal Teams Using HighQ in Innovative Ways?

Emily Lew: “The Real Estate team uses it to manage clients’ property portfolios more proactively. The Legal Project Management team uses it to track large, complex matters such as litigation. The Compliance team uses it to become ‘paperless’ in its operations, while the Commercial and Procurement team uses it to track how many contracts they are reviewing. Several of the firm’s business support departments such as HR and IT also use it for their own internal team management.”

“In the Knowledge and Innovation team, we use HighQ every day to track all our projects, workload, and resources, as well as metrics like how many client conversations we have had, what topics and use cases they are interested in, and what legal tech tools have been investigated. HighQ is indispensable to us. It makes life so much easier.”

“We would love to see more use of the wider capabilities of HighQ.”


Slaughter and May Uses HighQ to Simplify Processes

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