10 things compliance officers need to consider in 2022

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10 Things Compliance Officers Need to Consider in 2022

One of the many things that financial services firms and their compliance officers have learned from the continuing ramifications of the pandemic is the fundamental importance of robust operational resilience. Policymakers and regulators alike are focused on operational resilience — specifically, an operationally resilient financial system that can absorb shocks rather than compound them.
As ever, compliance officers will need to be fully engaged to give their firms the best chance of a trouble-free 2022. No matter the size, jurisdiction, or sector of their firm, compliance officers should consider the following in this year:

  • Shifting individual accountability
  • Vulnerable customers
  • Personal account dealing
  • Cyber resilience
  • Diversity
  • Hybrid working
  • Climate risk modelling
  • Digital transformation and Cryptos
  • Financial crime
  • Skills

To learn more about these challenges and how they compare with challenges from years past, as well as what they consist of and how to prepare for them, download your copy of this year’s industry-renowned “10 things compliance officers need to do in 2022” expert talk, written by Susannah Hammond, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert. 

"The need for operational resilience encompasses pretty much every activity a firm undertakes and is even more critical for any activity that is undertaken by a third party."  

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