2016 legal department in-sourcing and efficiency report

How are you managing your resources and maximizing efficiency in-house?

Thomson Reuters conducted a survey of 429 attorneys and operational professionals working in corporate legal departments to examine their ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and productivity across their in-house teams. Building on the 2015 Thomson Reuters Legal Department In-Sourcing and Efficiency Report, the 2016 survey continued tracking how corporate counsel professionals are managing internal and external resources to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

This report analyzes how legal departments are adapting by keeping work in-house, particularly with certain tasks related to contracts, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and litigation. It also explores how in-house leaders are implementing changes both within the department, such as using legal department operations professionals, and outside the department, such as changing how they partner with outside counsel.

Knowledge and insights

What does 30 minutes mean to you? Best practices for efficient legal department management

Consider how valuable an extra half-hour in the workday would be. How can corporate counsel find 30 spare minutes, and once they do, how do they make the most of it?

Rise of the legal department operations manager

Legal department operations (LDO) managers are quickly becoming invaluable assets for large and medium-size departments. What does the role include, and how does it benefit the organization?

Division of labor: determining which tasks to keep in-house

As in-house teams consider how to best divide responsibilities related to contracting, intellectual property, M&A, and litigation matters, there are ways to be smart about using outside counsel.

Leading change in your legal department

While the legal industry may be slower to adopt change than other industries, change has come to it nonetheless.

In-house report results

What's the key to a more effective legal department?

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