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2020 state of corporate law departments

Read our report on how corporate law departments are adapting to the new needs of 2020

The new “State of Corporate Law Departments” report shows that even amid the dramatically altered legal landscape due to the current pandemic crisis, corporate law departments remain committed to their core strategic priorities.

As described in Acritas’ latest Sharplegal research within the report, corporate law department leaders identified three strategic priorities for 2020:

  • Safeguarding the company;
  • Improving functional effectiveness; and
  • Increasing efficiency.

Get your complimentary copy of the “State of Corporate Law Departments” report to discover what these priorities mean to corporate law department leaders and why they may even be more important given today’s uncertain and immensely challenging environment.

Complimentary report

The modern corporate law department faces unprecedented challenges in 2020—see how they’re preparing to answer.

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