Practical Law for cybersecurity

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In-house counsel have to identify and mitigate risks every day, but you can’t manage risks you don’t know about. Cyber threats are no longer a future possibility but a daily issue — and smart companies know that an attack is not a matter of if but when.

Practical Law — the world’s most trusted source of expert-written how-to guides, forms, templates, checklists, and more — can help your team understand, plan for, and handle the risks inherent in your industry and markets. Among the more than 90,000 regularly updated resources in Practical Law are a series of “Cybersecurity tech basics,” articles written in plain English for attorneys explaining the threats and what corporate law departments can do to mitigate them.

In “Practical Law for cybersecurity,” you will find two complete Practical Law resources, the “Practice Notes Cybersecurity Tech Basics: Hacking and Network Intrusions: Overview” and “Cybersecurity Tech Basics: Malware and End User Attacks: Overview.” Also included in the content are a listing of other relevant cybersecurity resources in Practical Law, a quick overview of Practical Law for in-house counsel, and extensive links to related resources.

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