Stepping into the future

Lawyers  are often considered Luddites, but technology has been transforming the practice of law for decades. The areas affected by that transformation are still growing, as more and more lawyers use artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools daily. AI is a well-established part of lawyers’ work in legal research, contract analysis, e-discovery, and predictive analysis, with tools that leverage machine-learning techniques. In-house counsel, in particular, see the potential in AI-powered technologies that help them quickly draft documents, automate routine tasks, and keep more of their work with their internal teams.

But the next generation of AI-powered tools promises to transform work at the core of lawyers’ function: to draft, analyze, and respond to legal texts. This new generation is sometimes called generative AI, and its power is based on the scale enabled by large language models (LLMs). These new tools, when combined with legal data and legal domain expertise, will likely change and enhance the work of lawyers for years to come.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • What AI-powered tools you already use and trust today
  • What generative AI is — and can do
  • What human beings can accomplish using generative AI
  • What in-house counsel can do to harness these tools, and what questions to ask about AI use by your outside counsel

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