Special report

Technology supports a more strategic role for the legal department

The modern in-house lawyer is expected to operate as a full-service law firm while driving the goals and objectives of their company. Corporate lawyers serve as expert generalists, business enablers, culture champions, trusted advisors, and guardians of the business — all while facing unprecedented legal change.

The crisis and disruption of the past two years was transformative for businesses of all types and sizes. And for their in-house legal departments, the pandemic era was a once-in-a-career opportunity to reinvent their position in the organization and elevate their standing to a more strategic role.

This special report marries the challenges law departments face with technology tailored to overcome these challenges. The newly released Practical law Dynamic Tool Set is the most powerful Practical Law know-how service to date. Developed by customer feedback as well as understanding how in-house counsel works, Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set accelerates service delivery, improves agility, and elevates department value.

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