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    10 things compliance officers need to consider in 2021

    A new Thomson Reuters report discusses how financial firms' compliance officers can best prepare for continued challenges in 2021 as the pandemic goes on.

    New research: Law schools and the global pandemic

    A new Thomson Reuters Institute white paper examines the response of law schools to the global pandemic and the challenges they face in coming semesters.

    Corporate tax departments struggle with digital transformation

    Corporate tax technology holds the promise of greater efficiency and better data analysis, but tech implementation is often a challenge, says a new study.

    New report on tax professionals asks: What does success look like after the pandemic?

    The recent survey of tax professionals, published by the Thomson Reuters Institute, affirmed what we already knew — client advisory is a real thing.

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    What Do You Do When You Have to Do It All?

    In this whitepaper, we’ll look at how extensive the challenges are for government attorneys, then offer a potential solution through the use of Thomson Reuters Practical Law.

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    How technology drives law firm modernization

    When law firms invest in technology, they attract and retain talent, protect institutional knowledge, better serve clients, and increase profits.

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    How creative thinking can drive success at your law firm

    Learn how creative thinking can unlock new levels of productivity and client engagement at your law firm.

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    How law firms were able to post record profits in the most challenging of years

    In this white paper, we look back at the challenging market conditions that law firms faced in 2020 and what they did to remain competitive in the midst of them.

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    Navigating Unfamiliar Legal Ground

    Small business lawyers in growing companies face numerous challenges. In this paper, you’ll get tips on how to successfully meet those challenges.