Electronic evidence management solutions

Manage cases and access digital evidence with greater ease and speed

Collect, manage, and share casework

Optimize your case management and work from a centralized hub.

Case Notebook is your key to efficient case management

Searchable software that helps you organize, analyze, and share essential information:

  • Improve case organization and easily search for information in court transcripts, exhibits, research, and other legal documents
  • Create a graphic timeline and evaluate facts, events, and characters in your case
  • Follow live deposition transcripts and proceedings and stream them to remote participants

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Streamline case preparation, hearings, and trials

Case Center provides management software for courts, hearing agencies, and attorneys that can help you:

  • Quickly find documents, images, videos, and audio that are organized in an indexed, fully searchable case file
  • Prepare your case by annotating files, redacting key terms, and comparing materials with side-by-side review
  • Easily direct viewers to where you are while presenting, create hyperlinks to additional content, and play videos without leaving your browser

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