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Advisory Services

We partner with firms to guide, create and accelerate strategic endeavors. From a foundation of robust market insights, we provide confidence to make better decisions and set achievable strategic direction that will improve future performance.

Trusted strategic advice underpinned by unique data

Whether you are starting a new strategic endeavor or looking to re-invigorate a current initiative, looking for world-class custom research or a fully comprehensive advisory partner that can leverage Thomson Reuters extensive bank of data and insights, our experienced team will work with you to build an approach that best suits your needs.

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Firm strategy

Client acquisition & growth strategy

Inspire through industry insights

Engage and retain high performing talent

Firm strategy

Our environment is changing faster than ever before. Firm leaders need to be intentional and clear about the firm’s purpose and the direction that they wish to take the firm. We work with firm leaders to set strategy based on a thorough understanding of their aspirations.  We guide our clients through a proven process to ensure the objectives set are in harmony with the firm’s culture and focused on matching partners’ ambitions with market opportunities.

Client acquisition and growth strategy

Our advisors draw on unique data and insights to help you become a “go to” firm for your clients.

Sector & industry strategy

Helping firms holistically serve their clients business and achieve greater satisfaction and retention rates.

Client listening sessions

Designing world-leading programs that are focused on developing more loyal and profitable relationships.

Key account management

Identifying opportunities to grow stronger client relationships and institutionalize service excellence.

Brand positioning

Ensuring firms articulate their brand as a credible promise that is relevant, different, and authentic.

Inspire through industry insights

We provide original and distinctive content which enables firms to ‘power up’ their strategy and ensure greater chances of future success.

Partner retreats

Partner retreats and conferences are perfect opportunities to build buy-in and focus for a firm’s strategic priorities or to introduce new or innovative themes. Using our unique data and insights, and drawing on the experience of our senior advisors, we can help design more impactful, relevant, and engaging sessions.

Thought leadership

More than ever, partners need value-adding thought leadership to enrich their strategic conversations with clients and create competitive advantage. We work with firms to build unique content campaigns that are contemporary, compelling, and supported by vast and trusted industry data from Thomson Reuters.

Engage and retain high performing talent

Firms that can retain their top talent have a significant market edge. Using trusted research methodologies, we work with firms to assess how different talent populations are thinking and feeling. With the help of empirical key indicators, we help firms take action to ensure long-term engagement and greater talent retention.

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