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Digital evidence management

Case Center for administrative hearing offices

Organize, share, review, and present documentary and multimedia hearing materials in a single cloud-based repository

Transform the way you hold hearings

Transform hearing processes with a unified platform for parties to submit, review, and present. With all case materials in one place, you can present documents, PDFs, images, videos, and audio in a single, secure platform.

A purpose-built digital case system

Thomson Reuters Case Center provides a single secure platform for parties to file documents, which can then be reviewed by panel members. It eliminates reading time during hearings as documents are shared at an early stage and late arriving evidence is instantly viewable. By making materials instantly available to all parties it reduces demands for continuations and other delays. If a hearing is adjourned, all case materials and notes stay in place so everyone can quickly get back up to speed when resumed.

Connected case preparation

All materials uploaded to Case Center are automatically indexed, paginated, and fully searchable. Intelligent document markup tools allow you to make notes on the case, which remain in place as new materials are added. Panel members can share notes in preparation for a hearing or keep them private, making it easier to finalize decisions. With case files stored in the cloud cases can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, facilitating cross-location collaboration and flexible working.

Streamlined hearings, anywhere

Present documents with ease whether a hearing is held in person or virtually. Save time in hearings by directing everyone in a case to the right page, and control documents presented to the witness. During a hearing you can mark files as exhibits which are automatically added to an exhibit file for easy identification.

Data security

Hearings often require multiple users to access case materials, yet not everyone is permitted to view the same level of information. Case Center gives you flexible and secure end-to-end access for complete control. By inviting users to access materials in one location, you can securely grant time restricted, file restricted, and redacted case access. A complete audit trail of all user actions also reveals who has seen what and when.

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