Case Center features

One efficient platform brings together all your digital evidence

Upload, organize, and share case documents so you can focus your time and energy on the substance of your legal matters with Case Center, a secure, cloud-based solution

Case management

Produce a searchable, indexed, paginated case file you can review online and share with all relevant participants by uploading your case documents, evidence, and other media into Case Center.

User-specific view

Share parts of your case file with other parties without duplicating files or compromising security. Case Center makes it easy to create subcase files within a case that share selected files or sections according to your permissions.

AI-powered search tools 

Search across all case materials — including handwritten documents and images — with Boolean and natural-language search capabilities.

Secure document sharing 

Invite your team into the evidence case file. The case file updates automatically as new documents are added, so you can mark up your case without needing to reissue the case file.

Upload, view, and share your case files in a single browser with Case Center

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Time-saving tools

Discover an easier way to review files. Build your case by adding notes to documents, timestamping multimedia files, and marking exhibits for easy review in a hearing.

Case file annotation

Notes stay in place even as new documents are added, so you can start annotating your case file earlier and add hyperlinks as you go. Case files can be annotated in a variety of ways, including pen notes, allowing you to take control of the process and proceed with confidence.

Comprehensive redaction tools 

A full redaction suite allows you to search and redact key terms across your case file while labeling your redactions for efficient review.

Streamlined evidence admission 

With all your case files in one place you can admit documents, PDFs, images, video, and audio into evidence in one platform — all without leaving your browser. 

Case document comparison 

Easily compare case materials with side-by-side review. Place documents, video, or audio alongside one another as you build your case.

Build a strong case and provide access to case materials according to permissions

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Presentation tools

Direct all parties to the correct page with purpose-built presentation tools that allow you to present documents and multimedia in the courtroom and virtually.

Direct participants

Point everyone in a hearing to the right page of the case file at the touch of a button in real time.

Guide participants 

Address the court with confidence and fluidly guide everyone in the hearing through the case file.

Hyperlink crucial content 

Add hyperlinks to the case file to take you where you need to go and when you need to go there.

Simplified video tools 

Consign DVDs and downloads to the history books — with this feature, you can watch videos within the case file without leaving your browser.

Access purpose-built presentation tools and present your case with confidence

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