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Evidence management

Case Center for law firms

Streamline case preparation and presentation

Connect case preparation, discovery, and presentation

Standardize the way you handle case materials. You can start adding documents to a case during discovery, sort additional documents as they arrive, and share with your case team. Add hyperlinks, notes, and redact materials all in one solution. Case Center also allows you to quickly disclose evidence to opposing counsel and maintain accurate records of evidence being received. Giving you the ability to limit evidence being shared based on permissions that are controlled by the administrator. By the time you get to a hearing you'll know your documents are stored securely and ready to present in Case Center.

Build better case files

Case Center effortlessly integrates with the way you work. It is scalable for cases of any size creating dynamic, automatically paginated and indexed case files that are presentation ready from first upload. With all files in one place you can review documents, PDFs, images, videos, and audio in a single, secure platform.

Strengthen your preparation

Keep in sync with an intuitive system that allows you to collaborate, communicate, prepare, and present. Everything uploaded to a case is fully searchable so you can find facts faster. You can quickly review two documents, or even a video and transcript, side by side in a single window – all in one integrated platform.

Present cases effectively

Whether your hearing is held in person or virtually, Case Center allows you to present documentary and multimedia in one platform, minimizing administrative effort and enabling you to work more efficiently. Everyone is always on the same page so you can direct everyone in the case to the document you are referring to with one click.

Connect remote teams

Stay in control of client data and invite teams into a single case repository. All materials are stored securely in the cloud so cases can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, easing cross-location collaboration and flexible working. Use access permissions to easily share selected subsets of case materials, organized into sub-case files, for a full audit trail of who has seen what and when.

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