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Digital evidence management

Case Center for prosecutors

A centralized, digital evidence platform designed for prosecutors

Tools to modernize management of digital evidence 

Case Center allows access to all case evidence instantly available in the cloud. Immediately collect evidence from law enforcement, share discovery packages with the defense, and work in a centralized location.

Refocus your time with tools that allow you to concentrate on the advocacy versus the administration of justice.

  • Increased productivity through the elimination of basic administrative tasks
  • Easier cross-agency collaboration with law enforcement, defense, and the courts
  • More timely and organized discovery leading to reductions in continuations and multiple hearings

Case Center for prosecutors provides a unique set of tools to organize, prepare, share, review, and present


All files uploaded are automatically indexed and fully searchable. In a single browser you can view case documents, PDFs, images, and play multimedia.

Prepare and share

Provide access to case materials internally and externally, controlled by permissions. Easily locate key case materials, add notes, redact, and much more.

Review and present

Purpose-built review and presentation tools that allow you to productively work with documents and multimedia within the browser.

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