CLEAR Adverse Media features

Easily manage adverse media and sanctions results and alerts

Bolster your adverse media and sanctions-screening workflow with features and functionality that quickly deliver relevant insights

Data visualization and collaborative resources

Stay in the know on new and developing risks.

Automated results

Remove the need to re-run your screening lists by automatically receiving new adverse media and sanctions alerts on your subjects of interest. Your team can save time reviewing results with access to relevancy scores, filtering, and the ability to add notes to each alert result for documentation purposes. The monitor lists you upload are fully customizable and can be edited at any time.

Monitor dashboard

Quickly understand which of your hits and alerts still require attention. This graphical dashboard provides a holistic look into how many monitors your team has set up broken out by adverse media, sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and state-owned entities (SOEs). Each section provides links to your alerts that still need to be reviewed and can be shared across your team.

Comprehensive search results

Reduce manual screening and avoid searching across numerous databases by utilizing the best data in the market that delivers relevant information in one search. CLEAR Adverse Media provides real-time connections to negative news sources and extensive international coverage for sanctions, PEPs, and SOEs.

Language translation

Discover hidden risks internationally. Negative news articles are automatically translated to English with an option to view the article in its original language.

Transparent data sourcing

Increase confidence and better understand where your search results are coming from to help with documentation requirements.

Elevate your adverse media and sanctions analysis

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Workflow tools

Flexible adverse media and sanctions data delivered to fit your organization’s needs.

Flexible data delivery

Desktop and API options are available to meet your needs — whether you need to utilize an intuitive interface or integrate data into your internal system.

Customizable reports

Efficiently generate comprehensive adverse media and sanctions reports on individuals and businesses. Report sections are fully customizable, allowing you to include relevant information and save templates for future use.

Experience new levels of flexibility with CLEAR Adverse Media

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