CLEAR ID Confirm

Quickly verify and confirm if an identity exists with CLEAR ID Confirm

Verify individuals and businesses with customizable risk criteria, confidence scoring, and extensive public records data to enhance your identity verification workflow

Improve your electronic identity verification program and manage risk with confidence

Configure to meet your identity verification needs

Customizable identity verification settings to meet your organization's individual needs. Receive administrative control over definition build and assignment. Determine whether identity risk exists in your investigation.

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Manage risk with an identity verification score

The scoring set by your organization allows you to determine which data is most relevant to a specific case. Easily find out if your subject of interest has an acceptable level of risk. Configure scoring options with threshold or minimum score, match types, weighting fields, and numeric or yes/no scores.

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Use multiple data sources to thoroughly verify identities

Fully equipped with credit header data, OFAC lists, FEIN information, international records, and work affiliations information, covering customer and vendor verification needs.

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Corporate and government professionals use CLEAR ID Confirm to enhance their identity verification workflow


Confirm whether a business or identity exists to prevent fraudulent payments of unemployment benefits.

Tax and revenue

Verify individuals, businesses, or assets, and better manage the tax burden across your country or state.

Financial institutions

Quickly validate identities during onboarding to help follow Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.


Easily conduct identity verification on clients and vendors to help prevent fraud.


Prove that an identity is legitimate when working with new clients to help minimize risk.


Affirm that providers and beneficiaries exist through a configurable identity verification solution.

The value of CLEAR ID Confirm

60 million names verified ahead of schedule 

Verified 60M names ahead of schedule through batch processing to help secure a federal healthcare agency's insurance card distribution.

40% more efficient identity confirmation 

Higher efficiency experienced by customers from a variety of industries, such as banking, insurance and securities, and cryptocurrency.

30% faster with processes to meet compliance requirements 

Time savings realized by customers with annual revenue ranging from $15 million to $10 billion.