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Online investigation software

CLEAR anti-money laundering

Get one-stop access to critical data points for your AML investigations

Make the necessary connections to improve due diligence

Thomson Reuters CLEAR anti-money laundering software provides a one-stop shop for analysts to quickly obtain a complete picture of their subject. Complete your KYC investigations, comply with BSA regulations, and optimize your AML program with CLEAR.

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Boost the quality of your data

Overcome the spotty, unsourced data found on basic web searches. CLEAR builds a current and reliable picture of each person or entity you evaluate with quality, time-stamped and sourced information.

Minimize workloads and increase efficiency

Look to CLEAR to reduce the burden of heavy workloads by easily identifying risk factors that require a deeper dive by your team. Leverage powerful tools such as Quick Analysis Flags and Associate Analytics to scale and simplify your work.

Identify risks unseen to the naked eye

When extensive research is required, CLEAR helps you effortlessly uncover clues and connections. Harness data from sanctions and watch lists, integrated news feeds, and more, to truly know your subject.

Thomson Reuters is proud to partner with ACAMS – the world's largest membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of AML and financial crime detection and prevention professionals.

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