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Online investigation software

CLEAR for anti-money laundering

Create a consistent and well documented AML Investigation with CLEAR    

Financial crime isn’t just about finance…

It’s also about stopping trafficking, navigating state and federal laws, and keeping up with never-ending sanctions. Thomson Reuters CLEAR anti-money laundering tool brings together a vast collection of public and proprietary records, sophisticated analytics, and live data into a single working environment, providing the data you need transparently and quickly.

Boost the quality of your data

Overcome the spotty, unsourced data found on basic web searches and other tools. CLEAR builds a current and reliable picture of each person or business you want to evaluate with quality, time-stamped and sourced information.    

Search results in CLEAR
In product screenshot of CLEAR investigation graphic.

Reveal risk that is not immediately evident

Reduce the burden of heavy workloads by spending less time on low-risk subjects. Free up your team to conduct more reviews where they really matter.

Minimize workloads and increase efficiency

When extensive research is required, CLEAR assists you in uncovering clues and connections. Harness data from sanctions and watch lists, integrated news feeds, and more, to truly know your subject.    

News searching on CLEAR screenshot

Everyday Heroes: The Polaris Project

See how the Polaris Project combats trafficking by leveraging data analytics to understand and share attributes of illicit massage businesses with the help of Thomson Reuters.


Thomson Reuters is proud to partner with ACAMS – the world's largest membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of AML and financial crime detection and prevention professionals.    

CLEAR Features

Real-time data

Real-time credit headers from all three credit agencies, motor vehicle gateways, and incarceration and arrest gateway combined with our powerful phone and utility data puts more live information at your fingertips.

Customizable design

Institutionalize a consistent process across your organization with a customizable design that aligns to your already established risk parameters.

Flexible access methods

CLEAR is available in the way you want to work, be it for one off online investigations, large scale batch reviews, or directly inputting public records into your system with an API.

Reduce time spent reviewing

Reduce time spent reviewing cases. Customers report that cases that used to take hours, now take minutes.

Data coverage information

Detailed and transparent data coverage information gives you greater confidence in your research process.

Public and proprietary data

Verify people and business identities accurately and efficiently with comprehensive public and proprietary data such as sanctions lists, PEP information, FEIN information, international records, and work-affiliation information.

Ready to see CLEAR in action?

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