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Online investigation software

CLEAR for anti-money laundering

Create a consistent and well documented AML Investigation with CLEAR    

Financial crime isn’t just about finance…

It’s also about knowing your customer, stopping trafficking, navigating state and federal laws, and keeping up with never-ending sanctions. Thomson Reuters CLEAR anti-money laundering tool brings together a vast collection of public and proprietary records, sophisticated analytics, and live data into a single working environment, providing the data you need transparently and quickly.

Manage risk with confidence

Harness the power of CLEAR ID Confirm & CLEAR Risk Inform to know your customer. Confidently compare information and understand it’s the origin and why it is important. Quickly identify high-risk items with customizable ranking and search criteria.  

Declutter web and news search results

No need to conduct multiple inquiries within different search engines and news websites. Establish news and adverse media monitors for subjects of interest and receive one comprehensive report using CLEAR Adverse Media. A relevance score helps to prioritize what result should be studied first through the expansive data.

Boost the quality of your data

Access robust data in a single environment that is free from clutter and chaos often experienced with public records. CLEAR builds a current and reliable picture of each person or business you want to evaluate with quality, time-stamped and sourced information. Minimize workloads and increase efficiency with high-quality data.

Everyday Heroes: The Polaris Project

See how the Polaris Project combats trafficking by leveraging data analytics to understand and share attributes of illicit massage businesses with the help of Thomson Reuters.


Thomson Reuters is proud to partner with ACAMS – the world's largest membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of AML and financial crime detection and prevention professionals.    

CLEAR Features

Premium data

Use powerful data points to get work done faster with access to credit header information available from all 3 credit agencies, real-time arrest records, vehicle registrations, and phone numbers.

Customizable design

Institutionalize a consistent process across your organization with a customizable design that aligns to your already established risk parameters.

Flexible access methods

CLEAR is available in the way you want to work, be it for one off online investigations, large scale batch reviews, or directly inputting public records into your system with an API.

Reduce time spent reviewing

Reduce time spent reviewing cases. Customers report that cases that used to take hours, now take minutes.

Stay ahead of risk

Receive key information through alerts and monitoring to keep ahead of risks to your business. Match scoring and data resolution puts forth the most relevant information to give you greater confidence and peace of mind that vital information is not being missed.

Ready to see CLEAR in action?

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