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Electronic Identity Verification

CLEAR ID Confirm Quickly identify and validate subject identities

Be sure they are who they say they are

Thomson Reuters CLEAR ID Confirm is the premium electronic identity verification program that lets you:

  • Verify initial identity information for accuracy
  • Minimize potential for fraud and meet regulatory requirements
  • Customize matching solutions to meet your needs
  • Manage front-end risk by leveraging the most current and accurate data

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Who uses CLEAR ID Confirm?

Financial institutions

Insurance companies

Retail and franchises

Tax professionals

Government agencies

Unemployment agencies

Licensing boards

Foster and adoption agencies

How CLEAR ID Confirm works


See the power of CLEAR ID Confirm

Identify risk quickly

Highlight any risk associated with the subject you are investigating, such as deaths, redundant SSNs, OFAC listings, and businesses tied to the same FEIN.

Leverage high-quality data

CLEAR ID Confirm pulls from the top credit agencies in the U.S., daily updated utility and phone files, corporate filing data, FEIN data, and much more.

Customize it to fit your process

Configure the results so that CLEAR ID Confirm works with your ID verification workflow, ensuring a consistent process to help your organization stay up to date.

Learn more about advanced CLEAR capabilities


Bring together key proprietary and public records into one intuitive, customizable environment.

Batch Services

Search thousands of people or businesses at once, and choose the data you want returned.


Perform searches within your own internal user interface so you can work more efficiently in a familiar environment.

CLEAR Risk Inform

Quickly review risk indicators such as arrests, bankruptcies, redundant SSNs, synthetic identity, and more across state and federal criminal jurisdictions.

Want to see CLEAR ID Confirm in action?

Take the next step with a demo of CLEAR ID Confirm capabilities

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