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Risk detection and investigation software

CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership

Quickly understand the ownership and control of international corporate entities

Get detailed profiles on international businesses

Whether you need to conduct international business verification, run due diligence on corporate entities, or investigate potential business relationships, Thomson Reuters® CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership can help you mitigate risk and prevent or investigate fraud.

Enhance your risk assessment and investigative workflows

Access hard-to-find information with a holistic look into over 470 million international organizations.

Ultimate beneficial ownership data

Search global beneficial ownership coverage in over 190 countries and jurisdictions.

International corporate registries

Access comprehensive worldwide data for over 470 million companies.

Sanctions and PEP indicators

Easily see which individuals and businesses currently have sanctions or are labeled as a politically exposed person.

Language translation toggling

View results in English or switch to the source’s original language.

Utilize beneficial ownership data in multiple ways

Conduct due diligence on international corporate entities

Comply with federal regulations and enhance your due diligence for businesses and people with detailed information around company ownership, structure, watchlists, and more.

Protect against reputational risk

Know who you are doing business with and understand their risk profile. Further investigate any individuals or businesses flagged for sanctions and PEPs.

Understand your supply chain or vendor management risk

Discern potential partner or vendor risk by uncovering which companies or individuals are connected to each other.

Learn more about CLEAR's advanced capabilities

CLEAR ID Confirm

Implement front-end identity verification to confirm whether an identity exists for both U.S. individuals and international businesses.

Risk Inform

Leverage simplified and organized criminal records across all jurisdictions along with configurable risk indicators to confidently assess and avert potential fraud risk.

CLEAR Adverse Media with Sanctions

Access adverse media and sanctions data to quickly see the entire picture of a business and any risk they pose to your organization or agency.

Want to see CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership in action?

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