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Online investigation software

CLEAR for law enforcement

Thomson Reuters CLEAR helps safeguard your community

Use the most current data to ensure community safety

Law enforcement agencies are tasked with the immense duty of keeping our communities safe. As the type of threats communities face become more complex, law enforcement personnel need solutions that enable them to keep on top of safety threats and investigations. CLEAR for law enforcement has demonstrated its unique capabilities with agencies nationwide, delivering both real-time and historical data quickly, so you can improve officer safety and community well-being.

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Access a single platform that delivers data you can trust

Identify community and department threats

Save time on investigative research

How the Springfield Police Department used CLEAR to catch a predator

CLEAR really nailed it – even though the street was wrong it was still smart enough to know that – and was able to generate a list of names and locations that we could work with.
Springfield PD and CLEAR

How the Springfield Police Department used CLEAR to catch a predator

CLEAR benefits

Evolving threats

See the whole picture when responding to a threat

Law enforcement agencies are experiencing pressures to increase transparency in a society where trust of the government has eroded and community policing has become a necessity. To protect both law enforcement officials and the individuals they encounter, it is critical to have an understanding of what and who they are dealing with during an investigation.

How CLEAR can help

CLEAR provides live gateways and an easy-to-use interface to help you quickly identify victims and persons of interest to help ensure that officers know who they are dealing with. With detailed criminal history flags and up-to-date relatives and associate analytics, you’ll be able to see all the information available on a subject so you can better plan and prepare for any situation.

Reduced budgets

Reduced budgets and increased caseload

Agencies across the country are experiencing severe budget cuts. They struggle with tightened budgets as they attempt to allocate resources to patrols and investigations, potentially jeopardizing public safety.

How CLEAR can help

Thomson Reuters CLEAR helps your officers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their investigations by harnessing the power of billions of data points in public records. A shared resource for your department, CLEAR offers your agency data and password plan options to match your community's needs.

Protect against inefficiencies related to time and budget.

Disparate systems

Disparate systems lead to delays and unreliable information

For law enforcement, locating a subject quickly is critical. Searching multiple, unconnected data sources can produce conflicting details, causing greater confusion and wasted time. These tools become outdated quickly, meaning you can't be sure the information at hand is timely, accurate, or reliable.

How CLEAR can help

CLEAR's user-friendly platform was designed with intuitive navigation and simple filtering parameters, so you can quickly search across thousands of data sets and get accurate results in less time. Linked searching and entity resolution in CLEAR searches and connects data based on inputs, and generates the most relevant and accurate results. It helps you quickly simplify your search, see the connections, and zero in on what you need when you need it.

You no longer have to sift through volumes of information, attempting to make connections on your own. When CLEAR makes the connections for you, you can stop searching and start finding.

Outdated information

Outdated investigative systems create knowledge gaps and longer investigations

In the high-pressure environment of law enforcement investigations, you cannot rely on dated information and questionable sources. Having the wrong information can mean issuing a search warrant for an old residence or falling two steps behind a known criminal – risks no department can afford.

How CLEAR can help

When you rely on Thomson Reuters CLEAR, you know you are using time-stamped and sourced data to properly identify a subject, person of interest, or witness. You shorten your investigation time by having the most up-to-date resource.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR provides time-stamped details on when the information was updated with an external source, giving your department an edge over traditional information delays. With source information provided concurrently, you can be confident in your investigation knowing the source – utility company, cell phone provider, or new mover records – is reliable.

CLEAR protects your department from data inaccuracies that could jeopardize your investigation.

CLEAR features

Cell phone records

Access to billions of cell phone, landline, TracFone, businessm and VoIP records - ensuring your phone searches bring back accurate and compreshensive results.

License plate recognition

Live access to more than 7 billion license plate detections from Vigilant Solutions® to make data-driven connections to enhance and accelerate your investigations.

Real-time incarceration and arrest gateway

Real-time booking information from more than 2,200 facilities and from the most complete network of 90 million historical arrest records and intake photos.

Source transparency

See where the data came from, when it was supplied, and who supplied it, so you’re confident that you are referencing the most current and comprehensive data.

On-demand, fixed rate batch

Search thousands of subjects at once for results that meet both your schedule and budget needs.

Criminal Analytics

Easily search the most up-to-date jurisdictional criminal records in order to give you a clear picture of a subject without having to sort through a subjects entire criminal history.

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