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CLEAR third-party risk management

Create a consistent, repeatable process for vendor and investor review

Thomson Reuters CLEAR is a cutting-edge investigative platform that enables companies to quickly and efficiently obtain a complete picture of their vendors and investors. With CLEAR's third-party risk management software, companies can mitigate corporate and reputational risk through transparent data and a scalable and consistent process. Reference the most comprehensive and current data with confidence, quickly identify risk, and stay proactive in a growing regulatory environment, thanks to CLEAR.

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CLEAR features

Live and transparent data sources

Know your data's source and when it was submitted to CLEAR. Get up-to-date information from top agencies and proprietary data sources.

All data on a single platform

Reduce search time and increase efficiency by finding all relevant information in one easy-to-use platform.

Quick analysis flags

Immediately know critical information about your subject.

Associate analytics

Easily make connections to relatives and associates, and view what connects them such as shared addresses, businesses, phones, and more.

World-Check integration

Check for heightened risk with OFAC and sanctions information to better know your subject.

Customizable preferences

Customize your reports, dashboards, and workspace to find and view what matters most.

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