Fraud Detect features

See the power of advanced fraud analytics and machine learning 

Analyze anomalies and patterns within program data and identify where bigger challenges, like fraud, exist

Time-saving tools

Streamline investigations and improve efficiency with advanced analytics and an intuitive interface.


Fraud Detect gives you a comprehensive and customizable view of information, alerts, and transactions for every program participant.


View high-risk participants within your program in a stack-ranked list based off a predetermined risk score. View score details such as dollars associated with that specific risk.

Risk alerts

Subscribe to specific alerts and view which providers or individuals trigger that alert. Alerts include deceased providers, providers with a criminal history, and incarcerated beneficiaries. View the risk alert window for more details on what triggered the notification.


Get a visual representation of provider and claimant transactions to determine patterns of behavior that may be fraudulent. All program participants are geocoded within Fraud Detect to easily assess potential risky behavior.

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Analysis features

Enhance your fraud investigations with these robust analytic solutions.

Claims analysis

Claims analysis helps further identify anomalies and patterns of fraud with visualizations that compare a provider's claims data with those of similar providers.

Network analysis

See patterns quickly and easily without your team having to build out the query. Leverage source and public records data to show the linked results that will help support your investigation.

SNAP transaction analytics 

Specifically for SNAP agencies, this feature provides additional information about claimants. It allows investigators to drill down to see detailed information about SNAP benefit recipients and visualize transaction activities over a specific timeframe.

Fictitious employer 

Specifically for unemployment, agencies can analyze the relationship between wage record submission and account establishment. Merge tax and unemployment insurance data into one interface and receive risk alerts for key themes that indicate fraud.

Experience the benefits of machine-learning technology

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