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Contract Analysis

The next revolution in contract review and analysis

Take your contract review process from hours to minutes 

Make the expensive and tedious contract review process more efficient and cost-effective.

Thomson Reuters HighQ Contract Analysis is a solution that uses the deep knowledge of Practical Law editors to identify and extract key information from volumes of legal agreements. It rapidly shows relevant obligations and anomalies, so lawyers can quickly focus on areas of risk. The result is a highly tailored, effective, and thorough contract review process that saves time and costs.

Elevate your contract review process

Firmwide efficiency

Increase productivity with AI-assisted, task-based contract reviews, using task lists developed by Practical Law editors. Collaborate on documents, gain richer insights with analytics and visualization, and enjoy a seamless workflow with full integration to HighQ.

Expose critical information

Accelerate risk identification by surfacing comparable content against a standard document – even when comparing documents from varied templates. Domain models extract relevant language and identify answers to key questions within a contract, rather than simply extracting clauses.

Thomson Reuters expertise

With HighQ Contract Analysis your firm can easily answer legal questions and go beyond the extraction of key facts with ready-to-use AI models and task lists developed by Practical Law editors.

Quickly analyze contracts with an automated process


Convert documents into machine-readable formats and classify the documents.

Define & Extract

Access and customize the review task lists for automatic fact and concept extraction.

Review & Analyze

Navigate, edit, and annotate the machine-generated results and compare documents, comment, and flag issues or risks.


Review the results in HighQ iSheets and onward workflow from HighQ and create reports and visualizations.

Ready to take the next step?

See how your firm can strengthen document collaboration with HighQ Contract Analysis