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Contract Lifecycle Management

Reach a new level of efficiency with simplified workflows and complete contract visibility

CLM made simple

HighQ provides an end-to-end CLM solution that enables law departments to gain full visibility across contract assets, produce tailored documents faster, and proactively manage risk and obligations with simplified workflows.


End-to-end contract management workflows

Simplify contract intake & initiation

  • Easily ingest third-party paper contracts with new customizable forms, Outlook, or Microsoft Teams integration
  • Empower business stakeholders to self-serve with HighQ’s powerful document automation tool
  • Confidently align to market best practices with Practical Law automated templates

Quickly assign & review contracts

  • Remove the manual steps associated with assigning contractual work with automated triaging
  • Review and edit contracts with Microsoft Word and Google Docs integration
  • Never miss a deadline with task boards and workflow rule builder to help manage and track contractual processes

Streamline contract execution with real-time visibility 

  • Ensure control over your contracts with simplified, data-driven approval processes
  • Send contracts for on-demand approvals and reassign approvers with ease
  • Expedite the signing process with Adobe Sign and DocuSign integration
  • Quickly understand where contracts are in the signing process with eSignature dashboards

Navigate contract repository to extract actionable insights 

  • AI tools extract key contractual data and obligations such as jurisdiction, force majeure clauses, renewal, and expiration dates to proactively manage risk
  • All contracts are OCR’d for simplified searching
  • Easy-to-build dashboards and enhanced data visualizations help manage obligations holistically across your business portfolio

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Key benefits of using Contract Lifecycle Management

Workflow automation

Complete portfolio visibility

AI-Powered Contract Analysis

Easy to implement

Pre-configured templates

Risk management

Contract Lifecycle Management with HighQ

Discover simplified workflows and complete contract visibility