HighQ features

Achieve ultimate organizational efficiency with HighQ

Make your workday easier — and your team more productive — with a robust solution for managing your legal business

Time-saving tools

Quickly find and create documents and workflows. Use done-for-you templates and features you can tailor to meet your specific needs.

Document automation

Leverage pre-designed templates to automate and de-risk legal document creation to help you drive efficiency, speed turnaround, reduce mistakes, mitigate risk, improve client service, streamline workflow, and much more.

Workflow automation

Leverage trigger-based process automation to sidestep manual, error-prone, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

Configurable site dashboards 

Create customizable project dashboards with status tracking, activity, and data visualization.

Solution templating 

Leverage the ability to create repeatable solutions by taking advantage of the full breadth of HighQ capabilities.

Customizable metadata 

Filter, sort, categorize, and analyze content by capturing and displaying custom metadata for files, tasks, or sites.

Strengthen your legal operations and workflow

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Team management

Take the hassle out of supervising projects. Manage your staff more efficiently with tools designed to keep track of progress and improve team communication.

Task assignment and tracking

Improve your workflow with agile task management for timelines, calendaring, and other sophisticated legal project management capabilities.

Shared team calendars 

Increase visibility for upcoming project milestones, deadlines, and meetings with advanced calendar tools.

Social collaboration 

Interact more effectively with team members using activity streams, wikis, blogs, user profiles, commenting, tags, and private messaging.

Document management 

Collaborate more effectively with advanced file versioning and editing, plus document comparison and custom metadata.

Enhance team communication and task management

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Advanced technology

Apply the latest tools to achieve more. Leverage top technology to streamline workflow, communicate concepts more effectively to your clients, and identify key risks and obligations in moments.

AI-enabled document analysis

Seamlessly connect native HighQ AI and Document Intelligence, as well as third-party engines like Kira, Leverton, and Eigen into the platform.

Data visualization 

Create advanced charts and visualizations for tasks, document analysis, and iSheets data.

Smart forms and data sheets 

Discover advanced iSheets capabilities with smart form capture and structured data collaboration.

Optical character recognition 

Leverage the ability to electronically convert 500,000 scanned pages per year into machine-encoded text.

Work smarter. Faster. Simpler.

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Secure workflow

Legal matters require confidentiality and security. Ensure your work is both protected and easily accessible.

Client portals

Provide clients with 24/7 access to legal information and materials tailored to their needs and matters in one secure, personalized location.

Virtual data rooms

Manage all relevant deal data in one secure place to easily store, assemble, categorize, and collaborate on relevant documents for a simplified, seamless experience.

Essential security

Keep your data secure with single sign-on, granular permissions, activity tracking and reporting, and digital rights management to meet today's robust security standards.

File storage and sharing

Securely share files and sync your own documents to your mobile device or desktop.

APIs, apps, and add-ins

Take advantage of mature APIs and native integrations with other key applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Streamline project and matter management

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