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Secure file sharing

Send and share information and files more securely and efficiently from anywhere, keeping them in sync on every device

Add security and simplicity to file sharing

Leverage HighQ's enhanced security protocols and advanced features to help you maintain control over your sensitive documents at all times.

Set up your site in minutes

Set up a site in minutes to exchange files and other sensitive information with colleagues, clients and partners outside of your network. You can upload files in seconds and share them instantly.

Create a simple experience

Easily view, download or comment on documents and files wherever you are. Administrators can configure sites, add files, create folders, manage the structure, add user groups, and set permissions in minutes.

Perform easy audits

Audit every file and action using criteria such as date, user, organization, folder, file or activity. You can even see which users or organizations are most active and when they’ve logged in.

Manage files your way

Share files that are either too large or too sensitive to send via email. Apply digital rights management, automatic link expiration and file deletion, and email verification for recipients.

Sync across all devices

Whether you use an iPad®, iPhone® or Android® device (or all of the above), the HighQ Drive app ensures that you can easily and securely access, create, synchronize, and share documents.

HighQ power. Switch on secure integrations

See how you can make the most of secure file sharing using HighQ