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Client spotlight

CO:PLAY Transforms Digital Client Experience with HighQ 

In order to power document automation and bolster the digital client experience, Danish law firm CO:PLAY has adopted Thomson Reuters® HighQ, the connected, automated workplace collaboration solution that facilitates and streamlines project, litigation, transaction, portfolio, and compliance management all in one place.

CO:PLAY is ranked one of the top law firms in Denmark in the area of technology, media and entertainment. It also has developed a reputation in intellectual property, IT, Telecom, data protection and marketing cases as well as corporate commercial litigation cases.

Using the fully integrated document automation capabilities within HighQ has enabled CO:PLAY’s clients to significantly reduce the time spent drafting contracts, service agreements, settlement and consultancy agreements, and other correspondence. The system is able to produce a high volume of contracts very quickly, using built-in capabilities and workflows.

In addition, the deployment of HighQ has transformed CO:PLAY’s collaboration with clients on projects and transactions and the provision of virtual data rooms has facilitated the high-speed and secure exchange of files and sensitive information. Taken together, HighQ has played a key role in driving business efficiency and improving the digital experience for CO:PLAY clients.

Moving legal processes forward with Thomson Reuters HighQ

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