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Law books

Purchasing options

Whether you're maintaining a complete legal library or just adding a single title, we have book purchasing options to save you time and money

Explore flexible ways to purchase books

Smart Saver - Automatic Print Updates

Save time with our Smart Saver - Automatic Print Update option

Multi-year contracts

Scale your savings even more with Multi-year contracts

Save time with Smart Saver – Automatic Print Updates

Enroll in Smart Saver - Automatic Print Updates to receive automatic updates on all future titles of your choice at a discount and the ability to return products you don't need free of charge.

How Smart Saver benefits you

Lower cost compared to a one-time purchase

Average discount of 20% to 30% on updates

Updates sent to you automatically

Flexibility to add or cancel titles at any time

Scale your savings with multi-year contracts

Want the same benefits of our Smart Saver program but with even better pricing? Our multi-year contract options offer stable pricing month to month with savings that scale over time. Our multi-year contracts include automatic delivery of all updates, new editions, and annual supplements with preferred pricing to help you save.

How multi-year contracts benefits you

One fixed monthly rate

Two, three, and five-year agreements

Free delivery on all your updates

Even lower annual costs compared to our Smart Saver program