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Legal Data APIs

Transform data into intelligent action

The next step for your data-driven law firm

Now you can extract select content from Thomson Reuters legal platforms to integrate into your systems, workflows, and processes. Combining market-leading data from Westlaw Edge with your law firm’s data will enable your firm to make more informed decisions, drive efficiencies, and pinpoint new business opportunities.

Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics API

Having access to Litigation Analytics data provides your firm with endless ways to surface valuable insights.

Deliver superior client value

Improve client value and outcomes with custom dashboards that provide your firm with real-time information about your matters and similar cases.

Earn more business

Showcase your firm’s experience and success rate to attract new clients.

Stay informed

Quickly understand your firm’s financial, market, and litigation performance.


Using the Litigation Analytics API as part of our IncuBaker initiative is a major step in the right direction to serve our legal practice and our clients.

SEC Filings API from Westlaw Edge

Incorporate and surface key data points from company filings and disclosures into your intranet site or dashboard

Endless ways to combine and use the largest collection of SEC Filings Data

Enhance your knowledge management system with critical data points pulled directly from corporate filings to better monitor your existing clients and identify and pitch potential new clients. Leverage Thomson Reuters’ proprietary data analysis and indexing to identify additional data points in millions of publicly filed contracts and agreements including, but not limited to, document and clause titles, defined terms, and governing laws.

With the SEC Filings API, you can:

  • Support competitive intelligence analysis
  • Augment due dilligence reports
  • Quickly and easily find recent company filings and disclosures
  • Combine internal data with Thomson Reuter’s rich content to empower your professionals

Dockets API from Westlaw Edge

Structured court data is now at your fingertips. Efficiently integrate Dockets data from Westlaw Edge into your internal systems, workflows, and processes. Gain new insights that only Westlaw Edge can provide enabling you to make more informed decisions, drive efficiencies, and pinpoint new business opportunities.

Real benefits for your data driven firm

  • Improve client value and services with custom dashboards that provide clients with current information
  • Confidently respond to RFPs by showcasing your firm's experience
  • Gain new insights by bringing together Westlaw and firm data
  • Save time compiling and tailoring the most relevant insights to support your matter
  • Respond to clients fast with informed data-driven answers

Leverage the data APIs by utilizing one of our partners

Fireman & Company is a legal management consulting firm with a deep expertise in the business and practice of law, and extensive experience implementing changes in how lawyers and their clients work. We work with over 60% of the Am Law 100 on knowledge management, data management, experience management, enterprise search, intranet, document management and matter management engagements around the globe.

Foundation’s out of the box integration paves the way to easily combine Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics data with siloed internal information to provide valuable insights for knowledge management and business development needs.

LegalMation provides a suite of Artificial Intelligence tools to help practicing attorneys and legal professionals automate routine litigation tasks and uncover deep business insights using their organization’s own data. Unlike existing template generators and form-fillers, LegalMation's ground-breaking AI system is able to dynamically produce responsive pleadings, discovery requests, and related documents that are tailored to the allegations and requests in the uploaded legal document.

Find out how these data APIs can transform your firm

Be more efficient and drive new business with Thomson Reuters legal data APIs