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Legal Data APIs

Transform data into intelligent action

The next step for your data-driven law firm

Now you can extract select content from Thomson Reuters legal platforms to integrate into your systems, workflows, and processes. Combining market-leading data from Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics and Practical Law with your law firm’s data will enable your firm to make more informed decisions, drive efficiencies, and pinpoint new business opportunities.


Quickly understand Legal Data APIs and how they may impact your law firm.

Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics API

Having access to Litigation Analytics data provides your firm with endless ways to surface valuable insights.

Deliver superior client value

Improve client value and services with custom dashboards that provide clients with real-time information about their matter.

Win more business

Confidently respond to RFPs by showcasing your firm's experience and success rate.

Stay informed

Prepare partners for customer pitches and business development meetings.

Connecting our data with your data

Take full advantage of the Litigation Analytics API with a resource specializing in firm intelligence.

Foundation Software Group

Foundation’s out of the box integration paves the way to easily combine Westlaw Edge Litigation Analytics data with siloed internal information to provide valuable insights for knowledge management and business development needs.

On-demand webinar

Bring your law practice boldly into the future with Legal Data APIs

Learn to transform data into intelligent action and insight

Using the Litigation Analytics API as part of our IncuBaker initiative is a major step in the right direction to serve our legal practice and our clients.

Practical Law Data API

Bring together market-leading Practical Law know-how guidance with your law firm's work product to locate resources with greater efficiency, get up to speed faster, and spend more time on the work that matters most.

Save time

Quickly run a single search across Practical Law resources and your firm's documents.

Improve client satisfaction

Increase efficiency during research and provide fast answers to clients.

One convenient location

Easily scan results from Practical Law resources and your firm's work product together.


Enterprise search made easy

Leverage the Practical Law Data API by utilizing one of our partners

Aderant Handshake is the industry leader in law firm knowledge management. Centralize all firm data and information in one place through intranets, extranets and search applications. Handshake helps leverage firm assets natively in the web, SharePoint®, Office® applications, Outlook® and on mobile devices.

iManage focuses on helping legal, accounting and financial services firms serve their clients more effectively by streamlining the creation, sharing, governance and security of their work product.

BA Insight is the leader in providing open, modular, AI-driven enterprise search solutions. The company helps organizations achieve digital transformation by enhancing the findability of critical information, bringing internet-like search across enterprise assets with modular, scalable software.

OpenText™ Decisiv™, an enterprise search and knowledge management tool, helps teams find the most relevant information quickly. Powered by an award-winning analytics engine augmented by machine learning, data visualizations, and a robust filtering interface, organizations can automate knowledge sharing.

Find out how these data APIs can transform your firm

Be more efficient and drive new business with Thomson Reuters legal data APIs