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LiveNote Stream

Realtime legal deposition software in audio, video, and text

Broadcast live court transcript text and deposition video

LiveNote Stream is deposition software that lets you broadcast the audio, video, and text of a deposition securely and in realtime to all members of your litigation team anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Full integration with Case Notebook gives you a comprehensive solution to manage your legal cases and litigation efforts.

Gain an edge in your legal deposition

LiveNote Stream lets you send live deposition video and text securely via the Internet, allowing you to strengthen your presence at a legal deposition without the travel expense.

Strengthen team collaboration

Get instant, private input from anyone connected to your group, and enable everyone on the team to observe the witness’s demeanor in realtime.

Integrate with Case Notebook

Achieve full integration of your litigation software with LiveNote Stream and Case Notebook. Streaming text and video depositions can be viewed directly in our Case Notebook litigation case management software.

Discover the power of LiveNote Stream

Strengthen your presence

Give your legal depositions a boost without incurring the travel expense.

Enable collaboration

Get instant, private input from anyone connected to your group.

Read the witness

Enable everyone on the team to observe the witness's demeanor in realtime.

West LiveNote Stream

West LiveNote Stream

West LiveNote Stream