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Legal Workflow Management

Panoramic features Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform enables legal professionals to be flexible, profitable, and confident

See how Panoramic can transform your workflow    

With an innovative set of features, you’ll get the tools and insights to compete in a rapidly changing legal market.


Make informed scoping and pricing decisions to ensure you and your clients’ expectations remain aligned.


Scale partner expertise and delegate tasks more strategically.


Utilize best-in-class guidance and Matter Maps to execute every stage of the task.

Plan profitably

Discover the power of embedded guidance

Screenshot of embedded guidance in Panoramic

Practical Law resources and Thomson Reuters Matter Maps provide best practices and guidance so lawyers can handle tasks quickly, confidently, and accurately.

  • Provide clients with an overview of the phases of work and core tasks needed for their matter
  • Maximize expertise with guidance from a pre-set task list and access all document and practice notes needed for those tasks
  • Customize your own best practices for tasks so they become the firm’s unique knowledge solution
  • Make data-driven decisions leveraging prior matter and task analytics and financials

Manage confidently

Discover the power of a dynamic workflow

Screenshot of Panoramic workflow example

Task assignment and management dashboards help you delegate and prioritize work, stay on top of matters, and drive consistent client outcomes.

  • Assign work, set deadlines, and create alerts for each matter
  • Utilize customizable and flexible Matter Maps that adapt automatically to the evolving facts of the matter
  • Track progress across all open matters so you can spot risks early and miss nothing

Execute successfully

Discover the power of actionable insights

Screenshot of actionable insights on Panoramic

Best-in-class guidance, real-time progress, and accurate and consistent time entry help drive profitability and ensure client objectives are achieved on time and within budget.

  • Utilize expert guidance at every stage and customize Matter Maps to your firm’s knowledge as matters evolve
  • Track your budget to the actual time spent on tasks and matters
  • Receive alerts when your budget hits certain thresholds
  • See where time was spent with task-based time entry and timers that auto populate fields and push to 3E as pending time
  • Reconstruct your day to ensure that all time is entered back to the right matter and task
Experience Panoramic

See how Thomson Reuters Panoramic enables you to plan, manage, and execute legal matters with confidence