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Legal Workflow Management

Panoramic features Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform enables legal professionals to be flexible, profitable, and confident

See how Panoramic can transform your workflow    

With an innovative set of features, you’ll get the unique insights you need to compete in a rapidly changing legal market.


Eliminate the risk of write-downs caused by incomplete or unclear task descriptions


Scale partner expertise and delegate tasks most strategically


Clearly explain to clients the scope of the engagement and the chosen strategy

Plan profitably

Embedded guidance and time tracking

Plan profitably with embedded guidance

Panoramic screenshot of matter maps

We incorporate Practical Law resources for new task-specific guidance to execute on daily work.

  • Reduce lost hours spent on reconstructing activities
  • Ensure time reports are submitted promptly and accurately to avoid missing hours
  • Reduce the risk of write-downs caused by incomplete or unclear task descriptions

Discover the power of embedded guidance

Screenshot of embedded guidance in Panoramic

See how the unique combination of tools allows associates and new lawyers to easily handle unfamiliar areas of law with confidence and accuracy.

  • Maximize expertise with guidance from a pre-set task list and access all documents and practice notes needed for those tasks
  • Focus your guidance by entering the facts of the matter
  • Customize your own best practice for tasks so they become the firm's unique knowledge solution

Discover the power of reconstructing your day 

Panoramic screenshot of task-based time entry

See how our task-based time entry and timers auto populate fields and push to 3E as pending time.

  • See where time was spent with activities being time-tracked throughout the day
  • Reconstruct your day to ensure that all time is entered back to the right matter and task
  • Help maintain the firm’s profitability by ensuring that the tracking and recording of fee earners’ time doesn’t go unallocated

Manage confidently

Dashboards for a dynamic workflow

Manage confidently with dynamic workflow insights

Screenshot of Panoramic workflow insights

Our dashboards use custom matter maps to create a dynamic workflow, enabling you to plan your work more accurately and intuitively.

  • Scale partner expertise and delegate tasks most strategically
  • Attain full status update on matters
  • Spot and mitigate risk to avoid write-offs and wasted billable hours

Discover the power of a dynamic workflow

Screenshot of Panoramic workflow example

It's the tool lawyers desperately need to plan their work more accurately and more intuitively.

  • Partners assign tasks through the system, providing clarity of instruction and context
  • Associates receive clear instructions and prioritize task lists through the system
  • Dashboards track progress so you can spot risks early and miss nothing

Execute successfully

Real-time budget vs. actuals

Scope and budget faster

Screenshot of Panoramic task list
  • Clearly explain to clients the scope of the engagement and the chosen strategy
  • Compare new matters to similar past matters to avoid scoping from scratch
  • Eliminate the variability of guesswork for new matters

Discover the power of actionable insights

Screenshot of actionable insights on Panoramic

See how our platform allows you to easily forecast a matter for profitability and tracks progress in real-time, creating new data that we serve up as analytics and insights for your internal review.

  • Track your budget to the actual time spent on tasks and matters
  • Receive alerts when your budget hits certain thresholds, so you can act before it's too late
  • See which matters, tasks, phases, and clients are profitable and why
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