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Practical Law

Practical Law for advising startups and small businesses

Serve your clients efficiently, effortlessly, and expertly with the power of Practical Law

The startups and small businesses collection provides everything you need, in one place with Practical Law, to advise startups and small businesses. Whether you currently serve startups and small businesses or are seeking to grow  your practice by serving them, you can do so confidently with this  expertly-curated collection.

Who can benefit?
Any attorney who either currently works with or desires to start working with startups and small businesses. These attorneys include those working in: large, mid-size, and small law firms, as well as solo practitioners and CLOs or GCs of startups or small businesses.

The legal concerns of startups and small businesses run the gamut of issues, across many practice areas. The startups and small businesses collection gives you a roadmap with the latest information and documentation, so you have the right tools at the right time, in sync with the lifecycle of your client.

  1. The topics include everything you need to advise a startup or small business, all in one place.
  2. The Startup Company Toolkit is a collection of Practical Law resources on specific topics relevant to startups and small businesses. 
  3. What’s Market provides you with summaries, analysis and custom reports covering a range of transactions.

Topics & sample resources

Starting a new business
Forming the entity
Founder matters
Intellectual property matters
Hiring early employees and engaging independent contractors
Obtaining foreign qualifications, d/b/a and operational licenses and permits
Contracting with suppliers, distributors, and customers
Setting up a website
Obtaining insurance coverage

Financing a business
Seed financing
Venture financing
Growth financing
Down rounds and restructurings
Strategic investments and joint ventures
Bank financing
Crowd funding

Managing relationships with equity holders
Shareholder Agreements
LLC Operating Agreements
Investor relations
Secondary sales

Corporate governance, company policies, compliance, and housekeeping
Corporate governance
Drafting and implementing company policies
Labor and employment compliance
Commercial compliance
Privacy and data security compliance
Employee benefits compliance
Antitrust compliance

Managing relationships with employees and other service providers
Recruiting and hiring employees
Compensating executives and employees
Managing the employment relationship
Disciplining and firing employees
Handling employee claims and complaints
Using non-employee service providers

Creating and protecting intellectual property
Trademark ownership and protection
Trade secrets and confidential information
Patent ownership and protection
Copyright ownership and protection

Managing commercial relationships
Contracting with suppliers, vendors and customers
Intellectual property licensing and acquisitions
Using consultants and other independent contractors
Advertising, promotions and labeling
Software, IT, and Cloud
Internet and new media
International trade
Joint ventures and strategic alliances
Insurance claims and coverage

Leasing and owning commercial real estate
Leasing commercial real estate
Owning commercial real estate

Avoiding, managing and resolving disputes
Avoiding claims and litigation
Founder disputes
Employment-related claims
Intellectual property claims
Commercial disputes
Government investigations
Alternative dispute resolution

Liquidity and exit events
Going public
Selling a business
Providing pre-IPO liquidity

Closing down a business
Winding-up a company’s affairs
Dissolving an entity

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