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Answers to your how-do-I questions 

Get more done confidently with time-saving features and relevant content from legal experts. Click on a feature topic or scroll down to learn about Practical Law features.

Resource types

Get expert guidance to understand what’s important, why it’s important, and how you should proceed.

Standard documents and clauses

Eliminate the need to start from scratch with annotated templates containing embedded drafting notes and clause-by-clause guidance.

Practice notes

Save time with how-to guides written by attorney experts. Like a legal primer on the law, get high-level overviews to detailed analyses on narrow topics. All designed to be read in 20 minutes or less.


Get a 360-degree view of a project or legal task with one-stop-shop access to updated, relevant resources with step-by-step explanations. Easy-to-use formats include bulleted checklists, timelines, tables, decision trees, and more.

Matter maps 

Access a visual step-by-step process for tasks on a variety of legal matters with links to relevant Practical Law resources.


Optimize your work with a collection of how-to guides, document templates, checklists, and legal updates — all in one place.

Legal updates

Keep up with changes in the law and regulations in your practice area. Subscribe to weekly or monthly legal updates.

Presentation materials

Pre-built, off-the-shelf collection of presentation materials. Great for internal training or presenting topics of interest to your clients or business partners.

Expand your legal resources and enhance your work

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Time-saving tools

Gain insights in minutes with tools that enable you to easily search, compare, draft, and analyze your legal matter.

State Q&A

Save hours on research when comparing law across multiple states. State guides are organized by topic over multiple practice areas on legal matters involving one or many states.

What's Market

Search, analyze, and compare deals and public filings summarized by our experts. Quickly compare terms or features across multiple deals and access underlying public documents.

Automated documents 

Quickly draft custom agreements and contracts using guided questionnaires powered by Contract Express. Then create a unique document you can edit and download in Word.

Dynamic search

We combine the power of artificial intelligence with Practical Law’s editorial knowledge so your searches get editorially created answers with links to related content.

Get a critical starting point to boost your productivity with Practical Law

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Visualization tools

State-of-the-art tools allow you to visualize content in dynamic ways.

Knowledge map

Broaden your research to find additional relevant resources with a visual map of related topics to consider.

Interactive matter maps

Customize and organize phases of your project with matter maps. Add or remove tasks, include additional Practical Law resources, or build your own map to share with colleagues.

Quick compare

Identify and compare local laws that answer critical questions across states faster with custom charts. Select the jurisdictions, topics, and data points that matter to you.

What's Market Analysis 

Get insights and information quickly by creating compelling charts and graphs to visualize and share deal terms and market trends easily. Fueled by What’s Market.

Envision expanded possibilities with Practical Law

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Content coverage

Our attorney-editors reliably monitor changes in the law to ensure you have up-to-date resources for the topics and jurisdictions that matter to you.

Domestic Coverage

Practical Law resources cover content for all 50 state jurisdictions, 10 business sectors, and 17 major practice areas.

Practical Law The Journal

The trusted companion to our online services. Practical Law The Journal covers the latest topics across major practice areas with focused editions available for Transactions & Business and Litigation.

Global Content

Practical Law Global is designed for the cross-border legal professional. Navigate complex legal matters and transactions to meet the needs of your clients’ expanding global footprint. Get up to speed on international matters and regulations, quickly identify local laws, and compare key questions across multiple jurisdictions with confidence.

World-wide coverage of vital legal content and updates

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