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Time-saving tools and content for legal professionals

Access resources that answer your “how do I” questions when working on an unfamiliar matter, or an ever-evolving legal issue

How-to guidance

Human expertise provides you with trusted answers


Our 300+ full-time attorney-editors, who were leading practitioners in the legal industry, are now dedicated to creating and maintaining resources that provide you a starting off point to work with greater efficiency and accuracy. Having practiced at the world’s top law firms, corporate law departments, and government agencies, they are fully equipped to provide the how-to guidance needed to keep you up to speed in an ever-changing industry.

Whether it’s helping navigate through an unfamiliar matter or understanding changes in the law, our team of experts are there to get you up-to-speed quickly and provide easy-to-understand explanations, so you are always armed with the information you need to provide top quality service to the organizations you work for.

Expert-created content

Access up-to-date, well maintained resources that are easy to understand so you can complete your work with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence.

Practice Notes

Resources that provide up-to-date explanations on a general subject or a deep dive into a single topic, to help you advise with confidence.

Use these documents with the assurance that they are continually updated to reflect significant changes in law or practice, thanks to the dedication of our team of more than 300 attorney-editors. 

Standard documents and clauses

Take advantage of draft templates that you can use as a starting point to work on contracts, agreements, and clauses.

Embedded notes and negotiation tips from our team of experts explain in plain language how to localize for the matter at hand.

Legal checklists

Ensure you cover all the issues and track all the steps when working on a legal matter. 

With timelines, flow charts, tables, decision trees, and lists of issues, you can have the peace of mind that all phases of a matter or issue are being addressed.  

Legal toolkits

Access our curated resources containing basic overviews, current law explanations, document templates, articles, and checklists that help you understand and manage specific law subjects.

The toolkits are designed to provide a good starting point and enable you to build from the work of experts in their own fields. 

Matter Maps

Provide an overview of the phases of work and core tasks that a legal team requires to complete each piece of a project efficiently when undertaking a legal matter.

Displayed as a visual representation, the maps help you find the right Practical Law content for the task. 

Legal updates

Subscribe to legal updates to receive weekly or monthly updates and changes in the law and regulations in the practice area of your interest, directly to your email.

Discover the topic areas available in the digest email: Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Litigation, Corporate and Securities, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Finance, Intellectual Property and Technology, Business Transactions, Labor and Employment, Real Estate, Trusts and Estates.

Global guides and cross-border topics

Access country-specific Q&A and legal articles on various topics such as Commercial Transactions, Contracts & Boilerplate Clauses, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Joint Ventures, Loan Financing, Private Company Acquisitions, and more.

Time-saving tools

Unlock the power of Practical Law with leading-edge features

State Q&A

Includes state guides organized by topic containing primary sources, government websites, and other Practical Law resources.

You can compare law across multiple states and use state law resources when you need authoritative knowledge on legal matters involving one state or many. 

What's Market

The tool that helps you identify, review, analyze, and compare deals and general market trends in just a few clicks instead of spending hours doing research.

Coverage includes: Antitrust risk-shifting provisions, federal merger enforcements actions, public merger agreements, IPOs, license agreements, executive employment agreements, and more. 

Dynamic Tool Set

This set includes five new, next-generation features that allow you to extract even more power from Practical Law content, helping you gain deeper insights and get the answers you need faster. Our state-of-the-art tools such as charts and dynamic data visualization will help you work with even greater confidence and speed.

Dynamic Search

Find answers to legal research questions based on natural-language inquiries, along with links to relevant Practical Law content. Dynamic Search combines the power of AI with the legal expertise of more than 600 global attorney-editors.

Knowledge Map

Complete your research faster with an interactive way to explore the topics and resources available in the Practical Law collection, so you can get a complete picture of your matter and identify any issues you may have missed.

Interactive Matter Maps

Matter Maps provide an overview of the core phases and tasks in a legal matter, including links to key resources along the way. The interactive maps give you the opportunity to customize the map to your specific needs.

Quick Compare

With just a few clicks you can create custom charts that compare answers to key questions across multiple jurisdictions, helping to identify local laws faster.

What’s Market Analytics

With this enhanced feature, you can create data visualization in the form of custom charts and graphs with the insights and information provided from our popular What’s Market feature. Analyze and share market trends and deal terms in a fraction of the time.

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