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Legal know-how

Practical Law legal checklists
Get a concise, easy to understand view of key legal considerations

Presented in the form of timelines, flowcharts, tables, decision trees, and lists of issues, our legal checklists are created and continually maintained by our team of over 230 attorney-editors.

Most frequently used for step-by-step explanations either at the outset or conclusion of a project, Practical Law checklists help attorneys ensure that they are addressing all issues. Covering topics across all major practice areas, some of our most popular legal checklists include:

  • Key Negotiating Points in Private Acquisition Agreements Comparison Chart
  • Choosing an Entity Comparison Chart
  • Corporate and LLC Consents Required for Mergers and Acquisitions Checklist
  • Damages for Breach of Commercial Contracts Checklist
  • Director Independence Standards Chart
  • Avoiding Employee Misclassification Checklist
  • Document Retention Policy: US Checklist
  • Drafting and Negotiating an Indemnification Clause Checklist
  • Conducting an Internal Investigation Checklist
  • Perfection Steps Checklist
  • Software as a Service Agreement Checklist

Checklists are one of the most popular resource types on Practical Law and our customers often tell us how much they value them.

"The updated checklists and standard forms are a fantastic value."
-LMLF Attorney

"Love the checklists and summaries. Very useful especially for an area I don't know anything about."
-LMLF Attorney

"The checklists and curated information are very helpful and save a lot of time."
-Corporate Counsel

"Great legal research tool and the first place I look for templates and checklists."
-Corporate Counsel

Source: 2016 Practical Law Customer Survey

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